So myself and Tom have now been doing “The Protein Project” for 5 weeks. Below you can read about our experience so far:

Tom: At the end of week five of the Protein Plus challenge, I have felt and can see a physical difference from the Maximuscle diet and gym plans.

Going to the gym at least three times each week has allowed me to lose fat and begin to see some muscle definition, with an overall weight drop to date of 3.25lb (from 10st 4lb to 10st 0.75lb).

Over the next month, I am looking to continue toning up and begin to work on my legs and lower body, rather than focusing solely on the upper body.

Max: Similarly to Tom, I have noticed a massive change throughout the last 5 weeks.  Not only have I lost weight and increased muscle, but also noticed a massive increase in my fitness.

The food plan has been very successful, as I have found myself to feel full and am enjoying the wide range of meat and fish. This diet compliments the workout routine as it gives me enough energy for the gym. I have  also noticed the extra energy the Protein Shake has given me while working out, allowing me to train longer and harder.

I am looking forward to reviewing my progress at the 8 week mark and hope that I can continue to see the improvements.