It is no surprise to note that travelling is an interest predominantly found in students. However travel can be pricey and leave you out of pocket; but do not fear, there is an exciting and financially friendly application launched that enables its users to save over 10% on their currency exchange.

airXE allows its users to meet at airports or cities and trade currency with each other for free. Not only is this fuss-free but also stress-free. Christian Curran, CEO of the company airXE rightly states that “having recently graduated from the University of Edinburgh, I know that around this time of year students are going off to study abroad with Erasmus or going on sports team trips to Europe and will need to change currency along the way”.

In my opinion this is a brilliant and innovative app, and the big question is: where will airXE help take you?

Recent graduates Christian Curran (age 23), University of Edinburgh, Scott Schwartz (age 21) and Max Johnson (age 21) from University of Calfiornia, Berkeley, all founded airXE in May 2011. Boasting average savings around 11% airXE battles buying currency at the airport. This is ideal for students, as the student loan barely covers  the cost of toast, books and heating.

Are there social network sites included in this feature? Yes, they most definitely are; Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin are all the top players when it comes to integration. Even better for students, the application is completely free to download and trades are free. Which phones can use this app? airXE will be available on iPhone, Android and Web by mid March 2012.

airXE “believe we are reinventing the currency exchange market for travellers” and I couldn’t agree more. 10 percent plus is a large chunk  to save and spend elsewhere, that is potentially a lot of touristy key rings. Now we’ve established who you’re next going to be swapping your pennies for euros with, the big question is ‘where will you be going?’

If you want to take a look at airXE in more detail, I strongly recommend you visit where you can sign up for an invite. Money doesn’t grow on trees, but the world most definitely is still your oyster.