Worst year ever, to be a student? Too right. If you’ve been holed up in isolation with a bunch of mates it will have tested your friendships to the limit. This is a year we will all remember for all the wrong reasons. But hey, things can only get better, maybe it’s not going to be the Christmas we all wanted, but there’s still plenty of reasons to celebrate. After all the bad news there’s been why not find gifts for your flatmates which will give them a good laugh, because we sure do need it. Here’s a bunch of suggestions which won’t break the bank, but which will raise a smile.

Personalised face cushion

Your flatmates may well feel that they’ve seen enough of you to last a lifetime, so why not rub their noses in it with a Mushion, a squishy cushion with your face on it. Actually, it doesn’t have to be your face, any good quality photo of a face will do. Give them a permanent reminder of 2020 with a squishy version of your face staring out at them into the new year.

How to Adult Book

When do you get to feel like an adult? For some people, maybe never. This illustrated guide on how to be a functioning adult, by Stephen Wildish may not make your flatmate any more adult but it will give them plenty of laughs. Tackling those tricky subjects that no one wants to talk about, such as male grooming, how to text and how not to set fire to toast, this essential life-skill manual is the perfect Christmas read.

A rude and funny tote bag

If you are not yet familiar with the outrageous wares available from those folks at Lemon Loco, it’s time that you checked them out. With styles ranging from chic to inappropriate, here are totes that you won’t find anywhere else. With gags relating to yoga lovers, pot heads and vegans these smart, funny tote bags will bring a smile to your flatmate’s face and to the face of every passer-by. Looking for a penis print tote? Then look no further.

Cards against humanity

Probably not a card game that you’ll be playing with granny and gramps, the makers describe this as ‘a game for horrible people’. Each round a player asks a question from a black card and the other players answer with their funniest white card. If this all sounds very innocent, be warned, it’s not.

Novelty shot glass

One day there will be parties again and there’s no better way to get a party started than with a round of shots. You’ll find a weird and wonderful range of novelty shot glasses: glasses with a bullet embedded, edible candy cane glasses, led flashing glasses, flying high weed leaf glasses, skull glasses and of course, that old favourite, penis glasses.

Chocolate sprouts

Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without the presence of these bitter little cabbages. Give your flatmate their worst nightmare with a punnet of these ultra-realistic chocolate sprouts, which unlike their real-life counterpart, taste delicious.