There are various parts to the process of finding student accommodation. I shall be writing about the first, and most controversial – choosing your flatmates.

I currently live in a university owned flat, with 6 other girls. Super. And for a lot of universities, you would just find a new seven person flat, and move all together. Simple! The wonderful catch with living in a small city in the middle of Scotland, is that despite the city being 60% student populated, there are no student flats for more than four people. That being said, even a four bedroom is seen as gold dust, with only one part of town really providing them. The only common option is a three person flat, alas, splitting up 7 girls becomes a mission from here on end.

With three of us being from England, we are at the flat at all times. No wild weekends back home for us! The other four girls have weekend jobs and a family back home who are actually willing to see them every weekend. We come to the very mature and responsible decision that perhaps splitting four and three would be most sensible, what with splitting the bills between those who are always at the flat and those who are only there four days a week.

Simple! Of course not. One of the English girls has already made plans with two others to move in with them this coming year, and here is the start of our search and problems. Myself and my flatmate Jess, left alone in the dark to fend for ourselves in a two man flat. What if I go to stay with friends? Will she cope with the perils of the kitchen alone? What if she goes to stay with friends?! I will definitely not cope with the perils of the kitchen alone! What about when it comes for her to do her dissertation (Final year for her,) and I am still coming home drunk and eating the entire occupants of our fridge? (I have two years left.) What if she brings a boy home for an intense and loud night of scrabble and I have nobody to share the awkwardness with?!

These are all very serious problems. It seems clear to me that it is absolutely imperative that Jess and I find ourselves a third flatmate. Shall we interview? But why would someone be completely alone, with nobody to live with? Surely someone like that would be either a nightmare to live with or socially inept? Or as filthy as a badger.

To conclude with my worrisome rant, it would seem there are many problems with finding the appropriate flatmate, and I shall have to  write up another post when I have sorted out our predicament with the secrets to finding the perfect living partners.