I think it’s safe to say that most of our summers here in Britain are a total wash-out, literally.  They’re damp, gloomy, depressive and they have a penchant for changing it’s mind. One minute the sun could be splitting the sky, blue skies all round, not a cloud in the sky, that kind of thing. But the next minute we could experiencing gale force winds, torrential rain and freezing temperatures. So, what is going on with our weather?

Where I live, Northern Ireland, so far we’ve been experiencing a mix of seasons at the moment. On a good day, the sun is shining and the temperatures are rising just above 20 °COn a bad day, we’re being punished with heavy rain and strong winds. I don’t know about you, but I always thought that the summer season was all about basking in warm temperatures, sun-bathing under clear blue skies and wearing lovely light clothing, great for warm weather. Unfortunately nowadays it seems that we’re getting a mixture of all of the seasons in one. Let me talk you through it, take a day last week where I went into my local town to meet a friend for coffee. Around 10am I looked out my bedroom window to see what kind of day it was. It wasn’t looking great, it was overcast and cloudy, nothing promising. I then went out into my back garden to see how warm it was. It was a warm-ish day, quite humid, so I decided to choose something summery to wear, in the hope that it wasn’t going to rain, which led to me choosing to wear a flowery blue blouse and denim shorts.  An hour or so later, it started to rain, so I resorted to wear black cropped trousers, pack my much needed umbrella with me and stash a black blazer in my bag just in case it got chilly. Once I was in town, somehow the clouds had completely shifted, it was absolutely boiling and the sun decided to make an appearance. I was not one bit impressed.

For me, this whole shifting between winter and summer wardrobes is really starting to annoy me especially when it’s meant to be summer! There is nothing, nothing more annoying than buying a brand new summer wardrobe and getting no wear out of it at all. I’ve now resorted  to mixing my winter and summer wardrobes which goes a bit like this, wearing shorts with tights, bringing a jacket with when you go out, packing an umbrella  AT ALL TIMES and wearing an extra layer or  two, you know, just in case it gets cold.

My advice for getting through our summer is to go out and buy those summer fashion pieces you’ve been dying to get. You never know, in August the weather could dramatically change with PROPER summer weather! But if not, it’s not a bad idea combining summer and winter wardrobes, at least you’re getting wear out of new purchases. But don’t forget, remember to ENJOY and have FUN this summer, no matter what the weather is like!