There are very few people who have not heard of Jeremy Clarkson and consider him to be the face of the hit BBC show Top Gear; the same show that has gained worldwide popularity with young and older people. Jeremy Clarkson himself has been the subject of “controversy” over recent years thanks to some of the more questionable statements he has made, from racist comments to insulting the physical appearance of the former Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Whether or not you love him or find him really rather irritating, chances are you have heard of Jeremy Clarkson.

The news and media in general have been abuzz thanks to the latest scandal that Jeremy Clarkson has become embroiled in. According to media sources, Jeremy Clarkson had a “dust up” with one of the producers of Top Gear after it was reported he allegedly punched Oisin Tymon due to having been only offered “a cold meat platter” for dinner that was late in the luxury hotel he was staying at.

Since the story broke in the media, the BBC have made the decision to suspend Jeremy Clarkson and also cancel the showing of Top Gear that was scheduled for broadcast this Sunday. A spokesperson for the BBC has said that Jeremy Clarkson is being investigated by the BBC over the alleged incident and it has been said that the TV presenter’s future with the BBC has been thrown into question.

Since then, a petition has been launched by irate fans of Jeremy Clarkson to have the presenter reinstated and to have the show broadcast once again, this petition has reached over 750,000 signatures. Another petition calling for Jeremy Clarkson to be sacked is said to have reached only 5000 signatures.

A question that has been asked by many though is this; was the punch the only factor in the BBC’s decision to suspend one of their most well known television presenters and also take off air one of their most loved shows worldwide?

Another question is this; why would the BBC face being billed by international broadcasting companies for failing to deliver a full series of Top Gear due to cancelling the remainder of the series? The BBC have been forced to ride out media storms that have been caused by Jeremy Clarkson, from him stating that all public sector workers should be taken out and shot in front of their families if they were to go on strike to calling former Prime Minister Gordon Brown a “one eyed, Scottish idiot”. This has led to many believing more took place than meets the eye.

Whatever the reasoning behind the decision from the BBC, whether you are a fan of Jeremy Clarkson who would sign the petition to have him reinstated or against him and would happily sign to support his sacking; love him or hate him, Jeremy Clarkson’s name will not be forgotten by the media or viewers alike for a considerable amount of time, that is for sure.