So the other week, 9th March, it was International Women’s Day. A day that I proudly supported alongside my society, Activista, through a We Are Equals open mic night. The evening sought to provoke awareness of sexual inequality in various areas, including in the work place, and across the world. And I think the evening was a huge success. We had multiple artists booked (both male and female), and many more turn up on this night, with even a few members of the committee offering a slightly Cider-induced rendition of Adele. Everyone ate (cakes), drank (too much) and was very, very merry.

However, as usual, all was not right in the world of the SU. From the back of the room, a little voice pipes up. I don’t feel it overly necessary to mention the gender of said moron, but I will just note, the Y chromosome was knocking about. The question was posed: “Why do you all hate men? Fucking feminists.”

And, in the spirit of the evening, of which was to fuel debate, I feel it only fair to respond and explain what being a “fucking feminist” is about, and why I apparently hate men.

Now, I have no qualms in saying I’m a feminist. I know this term has all manner of negative connotations, but please allow the image of an enraged, bra burning harpy with lesbian tendencies to subside for five minutes, and appreciate what I’m really saying.

And from the offset, I’d just like to point out, I don’t hate men. Some of my closest friends are men. My long term BFFL, BMA, whatever is a guy.  Equally, I have strong friendships with women as well. I’m as close to my Brother, and my Dad, as I am to my Sister and my Mum. And no, I’m not a lesbian.  I see men exactly the same way as I see women with regards to friendships, just with the added bonus that they can piss standing up.

Feminism is not about being seen as better than men, nor about being angry at men. Feminism is not five tear-stained, Pinot Grigio-fuelled singletons bitching about the latest “dickhead” while performing some sort of ritualistic Dairy Milk sacrifice to the high Goddess Bridget Jones. Feminism is about unequivocal and unmitigated gender equality.

Equally, women that blame men for all of life’s failings are become as bad as the misogynists they purport to despise. Moaning, whining and generally being overly self-pitying will not gain the respect and equality that women deserve. Events such as We Are Equals campaigns seek to break down the barriers of sexual inequality, rather than enforce them. Why do we, as a society, seek to attack the other gender with such malice, is it attempt to strengthen whatever superiority complex we clearly have? Why not celebrate our differences, and use them as a basis for co-operation?

So yes, hopefully I can blame that comment on the fact that the Carling in the Union is cheaper than the Diet Coke. If not, I invite your response!