If you’ve just passed your driving test, you no doubt want to rush out and get yourself a new car, and with driving tests recently starting again, for many learners, buying your first car could be just around the corner.

But, should you be buying a new Citroen? A Used Kia? Or something else? And what should you consider when buying your first car? Below, we’ve mapped it out for you.


Things to look for

You’ll no doubt be excited about the prospect of going to buy your new car, but, there are a few things you should stop and think about before you even start talking to a salesperson.

The things to think about are:

  • The size of the car – you don’t want something too big
  • Features – you want some decent in-car features, but not the sort that will ramp the price up too far
  • Where you’ll be using it – this will help to determine the style of car you’re looking for
  • Budget – knowing just how much you have to spend will help to eliminate a whole host of vehicles that fill up sales courts across the land

Now that you have those things in mind, let’s take a look at what you should be looking at.


Your new car

Now, it’s new to you, but you should opt for a used car, due to a car depreciating the second you drive it away. With that in mind, here are five of the best first cars you can get.

  1. Volkswagen Up! – constantly ranking high amongst cars, these are perfect for first-time buyers due to them being economical and rather cheap to ensure
  2. Citroen C1 – filled with character, these offer a simple drive, a great price, lower insurance and isn’t too powerful – what’s not to love?
  3. Peugeot 208 – not too powerful but powerful enough for first-time buyers, these are great cost-wise and always rank high on top-performing car lists
  4. Kia Picanto – small and sporty looking, this is a great car for those living in a city and offer practicality and reliability
  5. Vauxhall Corsa – popular with new drivers due to the look, it’s the perfect car for all areas due to its spacious interior, style, tech and driveability


Final considerations

While you may have thought about size and engine and have a list of cars to look at when considering buying there are three other elements you need to think about. These are:

  1. Tax
  2. Insurance
  3. Running costs

While the cost of the car will always be at the front of your mind, these are expenses you always forget about that’ll be with you for as long as you have the car. Therefore, research the models further to find out their true cost before you buy.