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Another global cricketing event has passed and this edition of the Champions Trophy was one of the most exciting competitions in recent years. However, with the competition set to be delisted from the ICC itinerary, has this tournament provided the perfect parting gift? It’s time to analyse the ten talking points of the Champions Trophy 2013.

1)      The Best Side Always Wins

India went into the tournament as the Number one ranked One Day International side in the World. Although the ICC rankings usually do not portray the whole truth but there was no doubt that India were the best side in CT13. Before the tournament, India were expected to struggle in english conditions with their lack of seam bowling options and the IPL spot-fixing scandal looming over the squad. However everyone was surprised with their performances with the biggest positive being the fielding by this young energetic side. The Indian fielders made the South Africans and English look pedestrian  which says a lot for a side who Nasser Hussain once described as ‘Donkeys

2)      Why Do The Media Question Jonathan Trott’s Credentials?

Jonathan Trott Photos 1

Having been criticised, scrutinised and questioned by the media, Jonathan Trott continues to prove his critics wrong with his performances on the field. The statistics don’t lie and Trott has one of thebest ODI records of any England player in the existing squad. He was in impressive form and England’s most impressive batsman with a strike rate of 92 per 100 balls, leaving little room for the criticism to be justified.


3)      The Media Who Question Misbah-ul-Haq Are Wrong Too

A number of people in Pakistan do not like Misbah and it is hard to understand why. Misbah was the lone bright spark in a sinking ship and if it wasn’t for him then Pakistan would have folded for Misbah-ul-Haqless than 100 in all their games. This is evident though the fact that he scored twice the number of runs as any other Pakistani batsman at an average that was two times better, yet he receives criticism as unjust as Trotts.

4)      English Conditions Are Not So English Anymore

Much was said at the start of the Champions Trophy about the conditions in England. The ball was expected to swing all over the place and make life for a batsman uncomfortable and unpredictable. However this did not happen as planned as India were the beneficiaries of the conditions. Their two spinners R.Jadeja and R.Ashwin spun their team to victory and looked comfort throughout the competition consistently scoring wickets and high economies.


5)      The Era Of Australian Dominance Is Over

This turn of events would make any englishman smile, the Australians only had themselves to blame. The batting failed to click, the bowling did well in patches and for the first time since I have been watching cricket, their fielding was very disappointing. With a gruelling Ashes summer on the horizon, the english will be quietly confident of keeping the urn at home.


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