Cafe manager, 32, mother of three, 34, and terrorist gunman announced as the three dead following terrorist siege in Sydney.

Sydney Cafe Manager Tori Johnson, 34 and mother of three Katrina Dawson, 38, have been named as the victims’ killed during the 16 hour terrorist siege at Sydney’s Lindt Cafe on 15th December 2014. The two hostages were among 17 initial captives however several hostages were able to escape.

Mr Johnson, 34, was fatally shot when wrestling the gun from Islamic extremist Man Haron Monis at around 2am on Tuesday in the cafe.

Ms Dawson, 38, whose children are all under the age of 10, died in hospital. Ms Dawson will be missed by her husband Paul and three children: Chloe, Sasha and Olive.

The siege involving terrorist gunman Man Haron Monis occurred at around 09:45 Monday local time (22:45 GMT Sunday) when police were called to the Lindt Chocolat Cafe in Sydney’s Martin Place.

By 10:09 Australian Television stations, Including Channel 7 opposite the Lindt Cafe, had broadcast footage of hostages holding up black Islamic banners. An act we now know was by force. At this point the gunman could be seen wearing a bandana.

Between the hours of 16:00 – 02:20 Tuesday (15:20 GMT Monday) several hostages including three men and two women were able to escape.

At approximately 02:48 Police officially ended the 16 hour siege  and later reports confirmed three people, including the gunman, had been killed.

The gunman who staged this attack was self described as a Shia Muslim. A reference to his Islamic beliefs.

Monis, who was already known to the authorities, was on bail for the suspected murder of his ex wife. He also faced more than 40 charges for sexual and indecent assault charges.

Prime Minister Abbott said the gunman had had an “infatuation with extremism” and had been mentally unstable.

With the demand for an Islamic State flag to be placed in the Lindt window, this act of terror appears to be influenced by Islamic extremist groups with one hostage confirming it to be ‘ISIS’.