7 Simple Rules:


  1. Have fun with Freshers week

Freshers week all is about fun getting to know your new university and celebrating your new found freedom have fun but be careful not to over spend or loose valuables and try not to go home with someone you just met on night out.


  1. Get to know your new surroundings 

Move about and around during the day and get to know your surrounding this is a good way to save up on money and you will find plenty of short cuts to get to the many places you will need to get too.


  1. Make friends

University is a great learning experience not only to learn from educationally but also in life skills. Get to know people from other countries and explore other cultures through your new mates. Go for a meal to a place you would not usually go, you don’t know what you could discover.


  1. Get out and active 

Pick a sport and join the gym it’s a good way to get to know people on your course and to make future contacts secondly being active regularly or joining the gym is good for the brain as its gets more oxygen regularly and relieves stress.


  1. Sort your schedule out

Know your schedule inside out like the palm on your hand. Time management will be essential in all that you do. Avoid doing anything last minute and your first year should move smoothly, if well timed and scheduled. Remember there is a place and time for everything.


  1. Save money

Careful not to spend too much on this week as you will need the money for the weeks to come. Avoid clubs and pubs that charge you to get in after midnight and keep the drinks cheap.


  1. Enjoy it cause it won’t last

Lastly have fun, live a little and enjoy yourself, enjoy the experience and make some decent mates cause after that week the real work begins. Good luck and hope the hangover does not ruin your week.


P.S. Don’t do the walk of shame!