Weekends are meant to be the best part of the week; you finally get away from university and can let your hair down for three whole days until that dreaded Monday morning.

My ideal weekend would start with a nice chilled Friday night with my friends, watching a movie or just chatting with some good food. I would refer to Friday as the ‘calm before the storm’ because Saturday night is always party night. There’s nothing more fun than getting dressed up, having a pre drink then heading out for a crazy night in town. Cocktails, high heels, music, dancing… takes it out of you so Sunday is the lazy day of the week, its the day you get to recover before you get back into your daily routine for the following working week ahead. Yep that sounds pretty good to me!

That ‘Ideal weekend’ happens only once in a blue moon for me due to having a part-time job. Being a student, you need some form of income (unless you are very lucky and don’t need to work) and weekend shifts seem to be the only answer to fit round the busy University timetable. I work in a supermarket so the shifts are reasonable and I can (if I really rush) make it out if my friends have plans, although working a backshift is highly inconvenient when you’re a girl that takes up to 4 hours to get fully ready. If anything working at the weekends has taught me to get ready in under an hour!

Although working at the weekend does kind of ruin the purpose of ‘the weekend’, I can’t really complain because without working I wouldn’t have money and therefore wouldn’t have a weekend anyway! You get me? So if you’re in the same boat as me, here are some tips on ‘how to survive the working weekend’


1. Get enough sleep – although its an obvious answer you would be surprised how late you can stay up for after a shift, put down the phone and catch some sleep.

2. Work hard – even if you hate your job get the work done to a reasonable standard. This makes time fly by and your shift will be over before you know it.

3. Be organised – If you know your going to be heading out after work, be organised! Before you start your shift lay out what you’ll be wearing, make up, bag etc out so that when you come in you know where everything is and there’s less stress.

4. Diet – make sure you eat good sustainable meals, especially if your working long hours. This will give you tones more energy and it will lift your mood.

5. Deal with it – You may be hung over, tired or simply lacking in motivation but just always remember why you are there in the first place, you are there to make money in order for when you do have those weekends off you can afford it and will have the best time possible.

Although missing a Saturday night completely sucks, there is always the perk that you will have saved and earned money to attend those during the week student’s nights… which tend to be a lot more exciting.