Planning an extended trip abroad, or have you already embarked on your voyage? A little nous on the matters of clothing and general appearance whilst on the road could save you money and hassle. Here are a few tips which will keep you care free and quids in.

  1. Packing

When packing this general rule fits for any trip. Pile up what you think you’ll need and reduce it by a third. You never need as much stuff as you think you will as you will find yourself wearing the same clothes over and over. Lugging a boulder around between hostels and bus terminals is no one’s idea of a good time so keep your bag weight down. One item you can never have enough of though is underwear. Keep well stocked on your unmentionables, but otherwise travel light.


  1. Hair

Ditch your monthly trim and let your hair run wild. This is probably not a big issue for girls who already have lengthy locks, but fellas its time to embrace your inner Tarzan. The extra change in your pocket will score you a few beers, or may even stretch to a few days food (depending on what’s more important to you!) The same goes for your beards chaps, let your free spirit manifest itself in some facial furniture. Your wallet will definitely be thanking you; we all know how expensive those razor heads are. Be sure to keep any extra hair clean though. The surfer and hobo looks are not a million miles apart, so make sure you are playing for the right team with regular showers and the odd dollop of conditioner.


  1. Clothing fit

Loose clothing is a must when living out of a bag. You will find yourself sleeping in your clothes a fair bit whilst on the road. Loose fitting kit will be must more comfortable for curling up in, and it will make throwing on a couple of extra layers much easier. If you are heading to warmer climes, looser clothes will help you stay cool during the day too. Try and stick to cotton, which insulates you much more effectively than materials like nylon.


  1. Style

Casual clothing should be making up at least 90% of your bag. Most of your time will be spent in informal settings, with chances of getting wet, sweaty, or dirty. Don’t take your smartest shirt down to the beach for a day’s surf; you may as well stamp ‘TOURIST’ on your forehead. Keep it casual day and night as you won’t be attending events with a dress code.


  1. Wrapping up

Get some advice from someone in the know when it comes to warm clothing. If you are travelling during winter months, find out just how cold it gets at night and so on. Bringing along a scruffy jumper and jogger set will save you the trouble of having to spend your precious travel budget on them.