When you are a student it can be hard to balance your finances and still be able to do all of the things that you want to. The things that hit your wallet hardest tend to be accommodation and food costs as well as travel and of course socialising. Some things there is little that you can do about; after all everybody has to eat even if it is just curry flavoured pot noodles on repeat for the last few days before you next student loan comes in. But there are some things that have a bit more flexibility with a larger variation in the price ranges available such as accommodation and travel.

Travel Options

If you can drive it is so tempting to keep a car during your college years for those long holidays, mid week day trips and weekends away. However, buying, insuring and maintaining a car can be an expensive business and with that in mind, perhaps it’s best to leave the car at your parents for a couple of years. You can always get short term insurance for holidays if you really need. Most students find that in their university cities the public transport during the day provides a really good service that is great for getting about the city itself but can be less reliable getting out to the suburbs. A great compromise is to consider getting a bike.

The Benefits of Cycling

Bicycles are cheaper to buy than cars by quite a long way, just check out the selection online at specialist retailers such as Fatbirds. In addition, you don’t have to insure them and maintenance is a pittance comparatively to motor vehicles. You also have to take into consideration things like access, storage and parking; all of these things are much easier to manage with a bicycle. Lastly, you cannot deny the health benefits of cycling. It is a great cardiovascular workout and can help improve stamina and strength as well. If you cycled everywhere the likelihood is you could cancel that gym membership, saving even more money.

Finding out More

One thing that can be a bit overwhelming when purchasing a bike is the range of different bikes, tyres and accessories available. Don’t be sucked in by one day promotional deals and other offers until you are sure of what it is you are looking for. Start by asking lots of questions to find out more about the bicycles on sale such as: Do I want a road bike or a mountain bike? Do I want a gel seat or padded shorts? What safety equipment do I need? Your local bike shop will be happy to help answer these questions, so call in and ask them. Happy cycling!