When you’re a student every penny you can save is important. After all, when you’re paying thousands of pounds to get your education, and you’re trying to balance that with some sort of social life, it’s important to know how to keep your costs down. The trouble is, all of those “how to save money” lectures are pretty tedious. That’s why we’ve created this five point plan to help you know how to save, but without you falling asleep whilst you’re taking it all in. So without further ado, here are 5 ways to save some cash while you’re renting.

1 – Haggling Isn’t Bad

The first thing that you need to learn is that haggling with your landlord is totally acceptable. Generally, property rental prices appear set in stone, but asking for £10 a week off the price won’t be insulting to a good landlord, and if they really like you, they might just say yes.

2 – Use a “Bills-Made-Simple” Service

Paying all of your bills separately can be complicated and can make a mess of your bank statements, particularly if your flatmates are transferring money to you and then you’re paying the money to the various utility providers. To prevent this complication, use a bills aggregator like Glide or Split The Bills to ensure you have a single payment going out of your account that takes care of all of your needs.

3 – Move That Little Bit Further Out

A simple way to take care of high rent is to move that little bit further out of the popular area that you’re looking to live in. use a cost calculator like the one on the House Network to see how much you can save.

4 – Shop as a Flat

If you’re living with a group of friends, why not do your shopping as a group. With most internet shopping deliveries costing quite a considerable sum, it makes sense to get everybody to complete their orders at the same time. You can then save your shopping basket so that it’s easier next time you shop.

5 – Get Your Deposit Back        

Finally, make sure you get your whole deposit back by taking good care of the property. Sticking points are usually the oven and the shower. To make that oven sparkle, use an oven cleaning kit that you can buy for next to nothing from a supermarket, and then use a mould spray to get rid of any mould from the shower. Other than that, do a general clean around the flat and make sure everything is dust and cobweb free.

So there you have it: 5 straightforward ways to save money on your rent as a student. Hopefully that read wasn’t too painful!