A topic that nobody likes to talk about is domestic violence. People who go through this awful circumstance do not enjoy admitting what is happening, people who do this again never recognise and others who know about this issue feel that it’s not in their power to intervene.

Domestic violence is one of the main problems in societies that should be stopped. Although at the moment each country has NGOs who look after this issue, more has to be done. People should feel safe in their houses not under pressure.

Psychologists talk about this massive problem every time they have the chance, suggesting that Governments should do more about this. People who feel in danger should contact authorities. Now even if this really happens, help should be provided immediately. It is not just about knowing or acknowledging the problems is doing something active to stop it and prevent it.

What could we do? More campaigns that will actually reach audiences, the problem of domestic violence should be addressed in schools, families should look for help, the Government should have a better system that will help instantly women, and NGOs should have more money to support this movement.

It’s difficult to say what is the best approach to such an issue, but it’s definitely better for people to actively seek help and also those who know cases with people in need to help them out. Don’t look on the other side, hoping that the problem will be solved without doing anything, this is never a solution. In the contrary, search information about domestic violence and face this issue. If we all do our part, this ‘disease’ can be cured, we have to be informed and open our eyes to see what is really happening around us.