If there’s one thing that’s synonymous with students, it’s not having much money in your back pocket. With so much of your time spent in classrooms and studying, students couldn’t possibly hold down a full-time job alongside learning. However, for those who want to earn some extra cash while at university, why not look into starting your own side hustle?

There are plenty of fantastic business ventures you can embark on that can fit perfectly around your studies and potentially earn you a pretty penny too. Ready to get started? Read on to get some inspiration!

Start Selling on eBay

You can sell practically anything you want online. However, it’s important to think about what is going to provide the best profit margin. For example, you could work with a wholesaler and buy products in bulk that you can sell on for a profit. Take Screen Textiles for example. You could purchase custom T-shirts in bulk. They are the UK’s leading wholesale activewear business who specialise in screen printing and embroidery. Other things you can sell on eBay include homemade items and vintage products.

Design Craft Products

For students into their arts and crafts, why not unleash your creative side and start designing your own products from your university accommodation? Popular business ideas include jewellery making, candle making, or even selling your own artwork. The best thing about this venture is you don’t have to leave the front door! You can get to work with your pencils and paints and make fabulous pieces that can be sold online or at local markets.

Start a YouTube Channel

If you like making videos, have the right equipment at your disposal and think you could become the next big vlogger, why not take the plunge and start your own YouTube channel? Whether you want to talk about fashion, travel, gaming, or makeup, there are plenty of popular trends you can dive into. While making money on YouTube won’t happen overnight, if you start noticing your viewing figures skyrocket, you could make some decent cash through channel membership or advertising revenue.

Launch a Blog

Have you got a passion for writing and consider yourself a novice in a particular field? If so, why not put pen to paper (or in this case, finger to button) and create a blog? There you can build a community, post regular content and build an audience. Like with YouTube, you can make money blogging through adverts. There is also the option to offer paid subscriptions, sell your own merch, or write sponsored content. You may even like the idea of creating your own eBook that your audience can buy and learn from. To spread awareness of your blog, consider guest posting too.

As shown above, there are a plethora of business ventures you can start that could see you earn a tidy sum as you navigate through university. If you’ve got the drive, commitment and passion, the sky is the limit when it comes to earning!