So i’m the sort of person who will try anything once, by doing so I have been able to be a part of some really interesting things, and others which were not so. I was in York last week trying to find some inspiration for my University work whe I start back.  The day began by me thinking it would be lovely to walk up the York Minster, as so many people have said how stunning the views are. So off I set and after the smiley assistant reduced my purse by £24 for two up a group of us went to the top. Now foolishly I mistook the half way point for the top ( I’m now know has silly that sounds) and was thinking well that climb wasn’t so bad after all the health warnings they give you before you ascend upwards. It was only when i carried on that my legs began to hurt, and my chest felt like it was going to explode that I actually realised how necessary those warnings I scoffed at were. Honeslty I was that out off breath that I could scarcely appreciate the amazing panoramic views before me. Instead i was cursing myself for convincing myself on another ‘bright idea’ which I was suffering for.

After all that exercise I though it a good idea for the rest of the day to not try anything else ‘to strenuous’. Thus walking through the cobbled streets of york a little doorway catches my fancy. it was bright, full of unusual objects and smelt of Nag Champa . . . I was intrigued and so toddled off inside. It was then I was surrounded by a variety of plants, all in bright, very sparkly and goregous pots, so futher in a explored and was presented with the fabulous Annie. As she was in the middle of a class she arranged for us to come back at 4pm and we could have a lesson then.

So off we went until 4pm when I practically raced through the door i was that excited to make my own ‘Soft Pot’ and so once we’d become acquainted with one another off she went teaching us how to make these unusual pots. Honestly I have never had so much fun, she was an absolutely brilliant teacher and very relaxed. The concept of the pots are fantastic. As you can make them yourself with whatever colours you like and whatever pattern you want, you can also use a variety of materials to make them look extremely pretty. Not only that it is incredibly relaxing to just immerse yourself into making the Soft Pot. I couldn’t believe how fast time had flown when the lesson came to an end. I really learnt a lot from Annie she truly gave me the inspiration I was looking for, and the best thing is it doesn’t have to stop there as you can train with her and learn how to create all kinds of Soft Pots and join her franchise which is something I am considering doing myself.

So the next time anyone is in York I strongly recommend going in to see Annie and making a Soft Pot of your own. ‘Together we can spread the love with Soft Pots.’