Nowadays, most people are well aware of the wonderful world of social networking; from Facebook to Twitter to Tumblr, there always seems to be a social networking platform to suit your every desire. But is it really a good thing? I personally enjoy talking to my friends and family online, but I do also make a point of socializing face to face. In the past two years, I have seen on Facebook especially relationships forming, relationships breaking down and then my personal favorite the legendary cat fights where all sorts of random people join in with this all too public spat.

I have to say, I wonder sometimes how some people can be so senseless; two months ago a friend came to me saying that she was rather anxious due to this man harassing her on facebook (she’s 25 and I am 20) I asked how they met; she then responded that she accepted him randomly a few months ago and since then she’s been sending him messages and videos but now he wants more, and she cannot understand why her boyfriend is upset by this. Needless to say, I talked some sense into her, but sadly her boyfriend walked away.


Then comes the all too cryptic “oh… :(” then the guessing game of “oh what’s wrong?” as the original poster plays the game of who is going to be the lucky recipient of an answer. Then there’s the endless “selfies”. Normally I do not mind the odd selfie… but when there is just an endless 200 picture album per week, that is when I get irked, more so still is when they then personally like each and every photo of themselves and then Facebook tells me that they like their own photos.

Then there is the poster who goes “Oh, I am now going up the stairs… eating…” I do not mind sometimes the odd post, e.g. when your bored and talking to someone and if you are on a day out sharing photos; but seriously do all your followers really need to know that you are making that sandwich and you are that bored. No, they really don’t. Then comes the friends who put on their page “oh I am having a party” for those of use brought up with manners, they tend to wait to be asked… instead of seeing a random post and then the original poster wonders why nobody she actually knows came to the party.

Then there comes the students who think they are absolute geniuses who post about their nights out or days out with their partners but have not shown up to college that day or completed their assignments; of course at some point or another we all have been guilty of indulging ourselves in a bit of freedom, but why act totally shocked and surprised when it gets back to the college that they have not as they originally claimed, been sick with the flu or at a family funeral. Seriously guys, it’s one thing swearing your friends to secrecy, but it is an entirely different story when you put the entire night online for the entire world to see (in some cases waaay too much).

I personally enjoy talking privately to some of my friends online, especially as I don’t get to see them that often due to distance; but there are some people you think “why” they send you a message that usually goes on with:

“Hi”, you then respond with “how are you? what have you been up to :)” they then put “ok” personally, I have no patience to work with something like this. I used to try and persevere, but have since gotten bored.

There then comes the jealous people who want you all to themselves; who refuse to give you any space; I personally know all my friends have lives, I am not going to throw a jealous tantrum if a group of them go out; or start talking; personally I feel that is really, very bad taste.

But then again, it’s not just my generation or those coming up purely at fault, I personally think that the older generations are in need of a wake up call; so many I know only know where their children are through social networking; others have to talk via text message only; why not try make time to be with your family; even just to let them know you are there can mean a whole lot to someone; people seem so hell bent on airing their dirty laundry in public; thriving off the attention that others give them; how about actually sorting the problem internally; realizing that the entire world does not revolve around you and there are in fact worse things in life than a) someone being overweight, b) not having holiday number 5 of that year and c) One Direction not responding to your tweets.

Personally, I think that the world would be a better place if we all took some time out to think about other people, instead of delighting in the misfortune of those around us and instead worked out a way to try and be happy, co exist as one another. We are meant to be at our most advanced, but I honestly feel that humanity seems to have devolved to the point where so many of us are failing to form the most basic of bonds, which to me is somewhat of a tragedy.

Like all things, social networking has its good and bad points, but like everything we all need to strike a balance in order to ensure we don’t forget those around us.