Freshers has arrived!

Whether it’s a pub crawl you’re attending, club event or any other function with the intention to leave you permanently hung-over, you are bound to run into alcohol at some point during your night.

Now, I like a good drink: Malibu and Coke, Kopparberg mixed fruit and the sophisticated taste of WKD (just to name a few) but, there isn’t always a need to drink to have fun! Especially if drinking alcohol isn’t your thing.

Although many would run in the opposite direction if offered non-alcoholic beverages such as: Coke, Fanta, Sprite, Lemonade or an orange juice (basically everything non-alcoholic), the decision to go sober free really isn’t all bad during Freshers.

One – You may be labelled ‘the sensible one’ but, at least you will have self control. If you ask me, a lucky escape from embarrassing morning-after-the-night-before pics!

Two – Use your stance to stay sober as your magic weapon, it will steer you away from unwanted trouble!

Three – No greasy food, painkillers and coffee for you my friend. That’s right, with no drinking comes no hangover!

If you are ready to take on the sober drinks experience and dabble in the world of fizzy drinks and still liquids, there is nothing to fear.

Why not give my favorite, non-alcoholic drinks a go next time you go up to the bar.




Drink 1: Elderflower bubbly

The original grown up soft drink. With Sicilian lemonade and spicy ginger beer, need I say more?

Berry drink

Drink 2: Fizzy berry cocktail

Available in a range of colours and flavours, your non-alcoholic club membership is seeing another stunner added to its menu.

Ice tea

Drink 3: Ice tea

Great drink made to taste. Leave for a pure tea sensation or add sugar to sweeten.

Strawberry lemonade

Drink 4: Strawberry Lemonade

Now don’t be fooled, this isn’t just regular Lemonade! With the sweet taste of strawberries, mixed with orange segments, this drink is sure to be an instant hit.

ginger ale

Drink 5: Ginger Ale

 An old classic. This drink is bound to keep you cool, calm and collected when hitting the dance floor.

(Remember, drink responsibly!)