A few of weeks ago, me and a fellow writer at Social Student got offered the opportunity to do the the Maximuscle 12 week challenge. Don’t ask me how I got coxed into it, but this will be the first of many posts telling you about the journey from the beginning to the end.

Tom has written a little bit about why he wants to do “The Protein Project”:
As somebody who is keen on setting myself personal challenges, the opportunity to take part in the Maximuscle 12 week challenge through Social Student is an excellent opportunity for me. Having spent eight months training for my first half-marathon in March, I am now looking to gain body muscle to improve my body appearance and personal confidence. My year’s experience in full time work to date has shown me the difficulty of eating healthily after a long day, so the food plan supplied by Maximuscle will be a big help in maintaining a better diet and meal routine. Not only this, undertaking the challenge with Max should also be beneficial in providing important moral support when needed, and also to share the burden of meal preparation.

At the end of the Maximuscle 12 week challenge, I hope to see a physical difference in my body build and a mentality development to encourage me to continue with the food plan and gym routine into the summer and beyond.

And now you ask, why am I doing “The Protein Project”? Well, Tom convinced me it was a good idea for some reason. Also, I think it will be a good process to see the changes over the 12 weeks to my fitness, health and confidence.

I hope you enjoy the journey over the next 12 weeks, we will be keeping you updated!