Snow White is no longer a pathetic, destined to be pampered princess. Kristen Stewart gives the Disney character a tougher image whilst maintaining her pure and innocent likeable traits.  Knowing Kristen Stewart was playing Snow White I was worried I’d just be reminded of Bella and although sandwiched between another hunky actor and pretty boy actor again she played the character very well. However I found myself wanting to watch  Charlize Theron throughout the film, as she plays a demented, evil and crazy queen brilliantly. I loved how the film showed you the queens background and reasons for her evil ways!! And in the end you feel for her. Amazing CGI although at times a bit overboard making it very far fetched. The action pack movie offers love, jealousy, sorrow, action and some comic relief from the dwarves especially Nick Frost and Ray Winestone.

Definitely worth a watch –  7/10