Why is it that I am most productive at stupid o clock in the morning? I hope you’re not here looking for an answer because I haven’t got one. All I know is life is hard for a night owl and I hate that term, Night Owl is a character from watchmen that is as cool as Coors light, which is apparently damme cool (no not cold, cool, you must have misheard Van Damme what with Belgian accent and all ) and being up at three in the  morning typing away like some highly evolved beaver is most definitely not cool, not cool at all. All normal folk seem to think this is a choice we make and don’t seem to understand the hardships of being a night creature.

The world isn’t made for us, we poor souls get our work done while the every one else sleeps and yet still manage to arise at the same time and put in the day shift right alongside the day walkers. I will be up all night writing because if I get an idea in my head I will forget it after sleeping and besides I’ll only lie there for hours thinking about it anyway. So up I get planning on making a start just so I don’t forget and the next thing I know is five in the morning and my alarm is going to go off in two hours. Shit. I can’t be alone here surely, I like to believe that at least 40% of people live like this ( this is what I tell myself anyway), so why can’t we be recognized in the world. All shops should stay open late manned by people with the same problem, the same goes for pubs. Good TV should be on through the night instead of the rubbish shows with the sign language person in the corner because if deaf people only watch TV at three in the morning, although I am arguing that half of them do I suppose. I know these things are never going to happen but if we demand big things now we can negotiate down to little concessions like later start times for all, doesn’t that sound good deal for everyone. I’m not asking much just what everyone wants,  equality. We don’t chose to be awake all night it chooses us and we shouldn’t be punished for it should we. Tolerance and understanding are the keys, understand that if you want us to be productive little worker bees you should give us a lie in and tolerate the fact that when you don’t we aren’t really going to be that bothered about the important things you want to do and that when you are talking to us we are thinking about our pillows. No work place ever will buy into this way of thinking though, inconsiderate bastards, and things won’t go well at uni when you’re falling asleep in lectures ( lecturers tend to frown upon it for some reason ) so stock up on coffee and pro plus and look forward to old age and going to sleep at six in the evening as if it were the heaven before you die because no sleep is no fun and according to every article I have ever read on the subject really quite bad for you.
Only quitters quit though so stick to your guns and sleep when you want because it’s the only way to get people to sit up take notice of our plight and if your like me get some bloody work done because lets face it the day has to many distractions what with all the sunshine and beer gardens. In fact sod it keep your days and I’ll struggle on with my routine and get the best of both worlds thank you very much