Under The Skin OST
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Sometimes a film soundtrack can leak out into your life.  Pieces of music so grand, so hummable, that they have to be there when you clean, when you walk, and when you snore. The 2014 Jonathan Glazer film, Under The Skin, has one such soundtrack that lives with you long after the closing credits of the film have rolled on by. It stalks you while you sleep, getting under your skin.

Under The Skin is a carefully paced film, slowly building up as Scarlett Johansson collects Scottish guys and takes them to a mysterious black room were the real fun begins. Or something like that, it’s a difficult film to really go into without spoiling anything. One to jump into blind. The soundtrack follows the stories path on the same level, filling in the journey with ambient dreamlike drones before the shrill, creepy, yet strangely alluring main theme bursts through. It’s intense enough to be unsettling, yet catchy enough to have been played before Nine Inch Nails came on to play at the Manchester Arena in May.

The album feels fairly repetitive as it jumps between the ice cold atmosphere and the seductive murder dance music, but it really brings a character to the whole thing. It should be played as one long piece, with each repeated segment upping itself without sounding bombastic. It’s a truly successful horror classic in a time were horror just doesn’t seem to try. The days of Stanley Kubrick and John Carpenter quality horror soundtracks seems long gone, but Under The Skin’s evokes these classics while offering it’s own twist. I

Listening to the soundtrack will probably cause any passerby to raise their eyebrows or quickly back off while you give off serious serial killer vibes, but this OST has a darkness that’s worth sinking into. Just hope you can swim back out…