With August rapidly disappearing, along what little sun we had, its time to think about what games you will chose to see you through a long, cold British winter. Luckily September brings with it a whole host of games fit to see you through the first few months of winter and hooked on you’re system of choice. With some big names we have all been waiting months ( if not years) for and the usual September releases that come every year there is plenty coming to keep you gaming through this miserable time of year. Here is a rundown of some of the titles being released next month.


The Sims 4      Release: 5th September       PC


The latest edition of the Sims games arrives next month to let you create and control your very own little Sim cast to play out what ever story you like. Will you  be a benevolent master or a cruel dictator, it doesn’t matter its only a game right, at the end of the day you get to play God, mwahaha ( Think evil laugh here ). In the latest Sims offering  emotions are an important feature and the choices you make when creating your Sims emotional profile will effect how they interact in game with their fellow Sims (Simions? Simi? You get the point ) which will allow you to fully engage in the world, at least that is the theory. If Sims games are you’re thing this will be a no brainer for others though it might be worth waiting for a price drop.


Planetary Annihilation  Release: 5th September         PC


Planetary Annihilation looks set to take war strategy games to a new level but I have only ever played Command and Conquer from this genre but from what I’ve seen it is similar only on a astronomical scale which really does sound awesome. With entire solar systems as your map you will set off to take over and mine planets so you can build an economy to pay for weaponry capable of destroying planets that your unfortunate enemies have decided to inhabit. I will be looking at this game when I have over used the PS4 in the coming weeks because lets face it you can’t go wrong with some total destruction and it will give me something to play when the girlfriend insists on using the TV to watch The Great British Bake Off.


Destiny          Release 9th September         Multi-Platform

Destiny First Look Alpha_20140612222846

I have been waiting for this one since E3 2013 and I am more excited about it than I probably should be. The futuristic FPS/RPG that is being billed as the game of the year is finally here. As a Guardian of the last city on earth you will be tasked with taking down alien enemies while exploring a vast universe to unlock new and evermore destructive weaponry. After playing the Alpha and Beta I am already hooked on this game and I am looking forward to spending a lot of late nights joining fire teams and going on strikes because the ones i got to play on the beta were intense in the best possible way. The blending of the FPS elements with the RPG side of things makes for a game that fans of both sides can play and love so it should appeal to everyone and looks set to be huge for the developers Bungie. Bungie have said that the game will have  a life cycle of 10 years so  sequels and expansion are certainly going to follow the initial release so buying the expansion pass seems to be well worth the money. The £50 price tag is pretty standard these days and I think it will justify that price tag and then some.

NHL 15            Release  12th September             Multi-Platform


The latest game in the NHL franchise comes with all the usual changes you expect from an annual sports game like better graphics, a more realistic crowd and updated team line ups with a few more thrown in. The 12 Player Collision Physics means every player on the ice is controlled by physics, seems pretty obvious doesn’t it, giving a much more realistic feel to collisions and net scrambles. The puck has also been given a more realistic feel to keep it in line with the physics that would actually control a real puck flying at 50mph and the game will benefit from this increased level of realism. I have played hockey games in the past and always enjoyed them so I will be playing this one as well even though I know next to nothing about the sport other than its OK to have a scrap in the middle of a game which seems odd. If you have never played an ice hockey game before and are not sure if they are for you then why not give the demo a try which  is up for download now on your consoles store for free, who knows you might find a new sport to get into.

Fifa 15            Release   26th September               Multi-Platform


Not much needs to be said about this really, its Fifa. I buy it every year and this year will be no exception. As a gamer and a football fan I am always going to love these games even if the differences between years are slight. I do hope they have sorted out the defending though because on the last game keeping a clean sheet online was as likely as Manchester United picking up three points at the weekend. No matter what problems I could find with the game though the Ultimate Team will be enough to keep me coming back day after day because I just can’t stop my self its that damn good and addictive.