Introducing a new series of blogs where I’ll discuss past yet brilliant TV shows and films which will stick around with us for a very long time. So for the first in this series I’ll take a look back and question how you haven’t seen the brilliant 90′s sitcom Friends.

Friends, an American sitcom, started in 1994 and ran for 10 years on NBC. The basic outline was a group of friends (six in total) who all have their own unique characteristics, residing in New York City and what this loveable bunch got up to. Your probably thinking, Is that it? Yeah in this day and age where we have numerous sitcoms come and go (very few rarely sticking around) many of which revolve around a group of friends, this sitcom doesn’t seem much at first sight but it was due to when it arrived to our screens and the chemistry between all the characters that this show managed to with stand 10 years on the TV. You’ll be hooked from the moment the opening titles roll with it’s very catchy song!

Joey’s (Matt LeBlanc) catchphrase How you doin? Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) and her constant hilarious songs, Monica (Courtney Cox) and her OCD on being tidy, Ross (David Scwhimmer) and Rachel’s (Jennifer Anniston) We were on a break! And who could forget about nobody ever knowing what Chandler’s (Matthew Perry) job was?! These bunch are what brings in, tying together friendship and constant jokes. Each has their own little unique background and stories which you drop in and out with throughout. The setting of New York, locations of Central Perk coffee house and all their apartments become like a second home for viewers as the series progresses. You even start to feel like these six characters are all your best friends to.

You’ll never go an episode without laughing more than five times because if it isn’t a joke you didn’t laugh at, it’ll just be something one of the characters did. The sitcom ties together everything a group of friends would do and being it a ten year series you stick with the same six characters throughout as they start off finding their feet in adult hood to being fully fledged grown ups towards the end. Oh and don’t forget the guest stars from Julia Roberts to Brad Pitt and even Bruce Willis!

Friends is now considered one of the greatest TV shows of all time. It’s the type of show you could re-watch many, many, many times even jumping in at any time and picking up from any point. I could talk about Friends forever and write pages and pages or even discuss ever single one of the 236 episodes but lets just keep this short so you can get on with watching it.