In preparation for my first ever article for this site, I may have hit a brick wall in my first few attempts at trying to get some interesting ideas to talk about. But now I have discovered a trick, a trick which I had never completely addressed beforehand, but has always helped with my inspiration in the past. Music. But more importantly, what type of music? So here I go, into a step by step guide of the music I tried to use to get myself out of my uncreative funk, which actually worked for me, and which didn’t. Enjoy!

Step One: Put on the calming music! First choice, ‘I Giorni’ by Ludovico Einaudi, a personal favourite of mine, and the first Einaudi song I’d ever heard. It’s a special song for me, and usually gets me into the mood for thinking about big topics which matter immensely to me. This time, it wasn’t really working, and my funk was just deepening… So, I quickly made the decision to change up the music to a different extreme, the upbeat tunes of Imagine Dragons!


Step Two: Upbeat songs, and in this case I’ve chosen ‘On Top of The World’ by Imagine Dragons. Yes, the magic of this song is certainly working for me. I feel revitalised, energetic, and ready to write about absolutely everything… But I still need an idea, an idea to pour my soul into. And although this particular song is great, and definitely contains many personal meanings and memories for me, they are not the stories I want to go into in this particular article. So time to change the record again, and I know exactly which song I’m going to head to. In fact, this artist has such inspiring songs that I may as well just name the next step straight after him!


The Phil Collins Step, or Step Three: The song I’ve chosen from him is ‘On My Way’, which features in the film ‘Brother Bear’. Ah I love it! And it lets me end this article in an artistically stylised way (although the writing process wasn’t so completely manufactured, I swear to you… well maybe it was a little bit, but only a little)… What I want to say, emphasise, stress, knock into the heads of random people who pass me by on the street, is that, although you may not be in the best starting place for writing, and have absolutely no inspiration whatsoever, there are two steps you need to remember. Music can help, but also, the type of music you choose is vital to success. And, as a secret third step, just write, just start writing, and then at least you’ll have started something, rather than just beating yourself up because of your blank piece of paper or Word Document. And then you will get to a point where you are the storyteller you want to be, performing with leaps and turns in front of your wonderful audience, which for me, is you.