Revolution as defined by the Oxford dictionary “A forcible overthrow of a government or social order, in favour of a new system.” The term has appeared throughout history, the Bolshevik Revolution, the American Revolution and the French Revolution. History books has continually demonstrated how authoritarian regimes have been overthrown by people power.  The term has come back into the public glare, as revolutions have frequented our television screens for the past few years. There was Egypt, Tunisia and Libya, movements which overthrew Dictators with varying results, and now Pakistan is attempting to join the party.

Pakistan, worse than India but better than Afghanistan, a view even the most patriotic Pakistani would begrudgingly accept. But now it is on a path towards revolution, or so the media outlets in the country continually say. Bombarding the audience with images of the two leading “revolutionary” figureheads. One a religious leader, the other a former cricketing star, both eyeing change. Unlike Tunisia, Egypt and Libya it’s a democracy, a fragile democracy but a democracy none the less. A country which has had a chequered political past, going from democracy to dictatorship in the blink of an eye, is now facing a period or uncertainty. History was made last year when an elected government completed its full term in office. A first in the country’s history. But the key question remains, can a revolution overturn an elected government. If the people elected the leaders can their removal be justified. For most revolutions destroy dictatorships, in this case can a democracy be upturned.

The coming days will prove pivotal, but in the musical chairs politics that rules the State, no one truly knows what may happen. With the army its strongest and most stable institution, which has also ruled the country for many years, there are whispers of intervention. The question remains, could the road to Revolution lead to the doors of a Dictatorship.

One thing the country’s media should be admired for is the cricketing related analogies which never fail to disappointed. The match is  under way, no side has made a breakthrough, time will tell if either side is bowled out.

Sorry I couldn’t help myself.