I cannot believe, not only that I haven’t written a review in so long, but also that it has taken me so long to review this film!

It is so hard to believe because I waited excitedly for months for this movie. First and foremost though, I should confess that I haven’t read the book, or even the Lord of the Rings books, but when it comes to the films, well, I’m a total geek.

What would I do without without the Lord of the Rings trilogy in my life? Seriously, I am addicted to those films. They are just, absolutely stunning in every way shape and form, and quite frankly I feel like John Hurt in Alien when I watch them because they make me want to burst. Except in a nice way.

Anyway, clearly my review hiatus has caused even more rambling than usual so I shall stop and get back to reviewing the film I’d set out to, rather than it’s predecessors.

Without having read the book, I did not know what to expect from The Hobbit. It didn’t matter though; what I was most excited about (aside from the chance to stare at Martin Freeman for almost three hours) was stepping back into the world I so adore, Middle Earth.

Breathtaking special effects meant I was not disappointed in this respect. As the opening credits rolled and the familiar music began, my heart swelled and I knew I was going to enjoy the next few hours. I was not wrong.

The opening music was not the only thing that was familiar as the film revealed some well known faces and places, including that most wonderful place, The Shire.

I thoroughly enjoyed as I’m sure many did, that Bilbo began telling his story on the day that Frodo’s adventure begins, it sets it up beautifully. The film quickly moves away from familiar surroundings and begins a captivating background story that left me yearning to hear more and desperate for more adventure. Thankfully I got both.

The soundtrack was as of course, perfect. In the majority of cases John Williams is the man, the must-have composer, but Howard Shore’s compositions for these films really are something else.

Okay, it’s time to talk about the acting, where do I begin? No matter how lazy it may sound, I cannot call the acting from every single character anything but outstanding.

The returning characters were obviously fantastic as I expected (Ian McKellen and Christopher Lee can be added to my actors who don’t need reviewing list, and I suppose Hugo Weaving deserves to be on that list too!) Andy Serkis as well is phenomenal as Gollum.

The scene in Gollum’s cave was possibly my favourite. It is so well orchestrated and I’m pretty sure it’s the first time I’ve felt so tense and yet so amused at the same time.

There are two others that definitely need to be mentioned. One is of course, the lead role of Bilbo Baggins in the film, Martin Freeman. When I heard he had been cast as Bilbo I was overjoyed. I’ve been a fan of his for so long and ever since his role as John Watson in Sherlock, I’ve been desperate to see him in the huge role he so deserves. Not to mention that as casting choices go, this one is absolutely perfect. Needless to say, he smashed it. Honestly, the man can do no wrong in my eyes, he is quite simply, a great actor.

The second who I’d like to mention is Richard Armitage, who I’ve recently become a fan of after watching the 2006 series of Robin Hood. Again, he’s an actor who I am delighted to see in a big role as he too is just brilliant.

Honestly I don’t know how I survived through such a long film containing so much excitement. Credit must of course go to Peter Jackson. Sir, I salute you and thank you from the bottom of my heart for making these films. They have changed my life.

Though I thought the film was amazing, I was surprised at how, for lack of a better word, childish it was. Having not read the book I didn’t know to expect this. I’ve been told since the book is much the same. The childish elements of the film were fun, but in my opinion they meant that the film didn’t stand up to Lord of the Rings.

If you don’t compare them though, you’ll enjoy it from start to finish. If you, as I did, do compare them, you’ll enjoy it throughout anyway! Just perhaps not as much.

Fair warning before I finish, the film takes quite a while to get going, but it is so worth the wait. Whether you are a fellow Lord of the Rings geek, or a newcomer, The Hobbit is a truly enjoyable film, and definitely worth three hours of your time! Just 12 months until part two, I can’t wait!