I didn’t think I’d have the slightest chance at reviewing this film as I was certain everyone would jump on it as quickly as possible. However it seems I am in luck!

Now, in my rush to write a review before someone else (because it is so exciting) I find myself wondering where to begin.

I suppose firstly I should say, wow! The Dark Knight Rises did not disappoint me in any way. Which is great for me…though probably a bit boring for anyone who reads my reviews as so far they have all been positive! What can I say, I like films!

I suppose it is a lie to say this one was absolutely perfect however. There are miniscule details that I would have liked to have been different but generally, I thought it was outstanding.

For those who don’t know (if there are any) this film sees Batman (Christian Bale) eight years from where we left him in the previous film, drawn out of hiding by a new and deadly threat; the terrorist leader, Bane (Tom Hardy).

I don’t want to go into much more detail about the plot as people are very touchy about movie spoilers, particularly when it comes to these films. I will say however, that the plot is gripping, intricate and even has a twist at the end. I could not have asked for more. Word of warning though, it is a long film, although for me it made it that much better.

Christian Bale is great as usual as The Caped Crusader. Not my favourite Batman but that’s through no fault of his own; he plays the role perfectly, I just love Adam West too much!

As for the new characters, they were brilliantly written and brilliantly portrayed. Tom Hardy played the part of Bane incredibly well, though it has to be said I barely heard a word he was saying. The voice he put on was great but sadly not particularly clear. Then again, that might just be me.

Anne Hathaway too was fantastic in her role as Catwoman, I was so pleased when I heard she’d been cast as she definitely looks the part. On the whole I was impressed but I would have liked to see Catwoman be more like the classic Catwoman. In this film she was a bit too normal for my liking. No meowing and no whip. I always enjoyed the fact that she was a bit unstable as most, if not all DC villains are, but it wasn’t the case in this film. Still, she was undeniably cool.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays another cool new character, Blake, and in my opinion, it’s the best performance he’s ever given. Gary Oldman and Michael Caine join Morgan Freeman and Johnny Depp on my list of actors who don’t need to be reviewed (see my review of Dark Shadows or The Magic of Belle Isle for details).

The music is worth mentioning because it is epic as it was in the previous two films and I adore it. It just works perfectly. I’d also like to commend Christopher Nolan on his choice to not use music during a fight scene between Batman and Bane. It makes it so much more brutal and raw and though it worked superbly, I thought it was a brave move.

Speaking of Christopher Nolan, the man is in my eyes, a genius and I am devastated that this was the final Batman film in his saga. Doubtless there will be new films in years to come and for those, I cannot wait. For now, I will mourn the loss of a truly sensational trilogy that has made my life that much better as great films always do.

As a result of these films being amongst those that make me want to burst, I will end up talking about it all night if I don’t stop myself now. Great films do that to me and though I adore the feeling, I suspect anyone reading this is bored by now.

All that’s left to say then, is that obviously, I recommend this film! If you’re a fan, you’re probably out watching it right now. If you’re not so sure, go out and watch it right now regardless. Just make sure you’ve seen the first two because they like this film, are amazing.

9/10 (though it very nearly got 10/10)



*I also wanted to take a moment to think about the truly awful massacre that took place Thursday night in Denver, during the first screening of the film. My heart goes out to all of the victims and their families.*