If you have read my review of The Tunnel, you’ll know that I made the mistake of watching it alone. Storage 24 has shown that clearly I don’t learn from my mistakes.

The film follows a group of young people trapped in a storage unit that is, unbeknown to them, also occupied by something far more sinister.

The situation is made even more tense by the fact that two of the characters, Charlie (Noel Clarke) and Shelley (Antonia Campbell-Hughes) have just been through a bad break up. It’s clear each of them (and their friends) would rather be trapped with anyone else and who can blame them?

This emotional aspect of the story not only added depth to the characters, but also to the plot as they are tested by each other as much as they are by the creature they are trapped with.

I was pleased to see that the film dives straight into action, then reels it back in to build up the characters and give some background. It grabbed my attention and I was engaged straight away but then the story built gradually, so you get the best of both worlds.

The plot was well thought out and very well executed. The reactions to their situations were realistic and so very British in the sense that things don’t work out perfectly. When they hunt for weapons for example, in an American film you might expect them to find guns, probably even a bazooka! Wait until you see what these guys find and use as their best weapon; it’s hilarious! The ending as well will most likely make you laugh or at least smile.

Despite this lack of weapons, the film is very gruesome, surprisingly so. It’s not the best if you have a weak stomach like I do (I had to look away a few times) but the special effects are undeniably impressive.

Creepy sci-fi music was not absent and really added to the atmosphere, as all film music should. There was some brilliant camera work as well. I enjoyed some very clever shots particularly in the opening scene.

The editing too was clever, only showing glimpses of the creature at first and then revealing more and more each time. It’s a classic technique that never fails to build suspense.

Other classic horror elements were featured, much to my delight. Creaky doors, vents, electricity failure, no signal (there never is!) all made an appearance, as well as one I’m rather fond of: basements.

Has Home Alone taught us nothing people? Basements are scary! Whilst Kevin McCallister ‘is not afraid anymore’ these characters had every need to be. They always go in the basement! In this case I’ll forgive them since they had to. Still, if I ever have a basement it is going to have magnificent lighting! None of this pull cord nonsense!

The acting was good, definitely no complaints. The film wasn’t full of huge names but it didn’t make a difference, everyone played their part very well. It was nice to see a sci-fi horror film with a decent script and decent acting. Much more than decent in fact.

Noel Clarke deserves a mention as not only the main character but also as one of the writers. He did not disappoint in either respect and I’m personally a fan of his anyway, so was pleased to see him in the film.

I enjoyed Storage 24 throughout and would definitely recommend it. The film has just been released on DVD so if you’re a fan of sci-fi or horror, or just looking for a good movie, give this a watch.