SOL Republic, one of the most well known brands in the Premium Headphone market has now launched some low priced headphones which promise to equal the sound quality of the more expensive rivals. Let’s see if there claim is true…

I found these headphones incredibly uncomfortable at first, but I quickly switched the rubber tips to fit my ear size. Once this was done, they fit snugly into my ears providing a good seal for noise cancelling (we will go more into this later). I’ve worn these for several days now with no noticeable discomfort, with another plus point being they don’t tend to fall out your ear easily lke some cheaper in ear buds.

We haven’t fully put these through there paces yet, so we will update this section in a few weeks. They have a sturdy build quality and haven’t been damaged by shoving them into pockets or throwing them into my laptop bag. I also love the fact these have a flat cable as it makes them easier to put under a t-shirt without the obvious cable line.



Sound Quality
With most in ear headphones, unless you are paying £100’s, it is incredibly hard to differentiate the sound quality. However with the Jax headphones you can! Bass is deep but not too overpowering. Even on a high volume they do not distort or get to loud for the ear. One of the best sounding pairs of headphones we have ever used and miles better than the Apple EarPod’s which are a similar price.

Noise cancelling
Brilliant. Blocked out tube noise with ease, even on the old trains. Definitely a pair of headphones for the commuter. In day to day use, we found this a bit of a disadvantage. Even with one headphone in, I found it difficult to listen when people were talking to me in the office.

in ear

We think these are great headphones for the money. Sound quality is  very good for the price and after a couple of weeks use, I’d definitely recommend these to you guys to buy!