The clue is pretty much in the title for this film and in my case ‘Seeking a Friend for the End of the World‘ was all I needed to hear to convince me to watch it.

With the world set to end the film follows a lonely man, Dodge during his final days looking for something worth staying alive for. Deciding to track down his high school sweetheart , he meets the equally lonely Penny along the way as the two set out on their final mission to see their loved ones before it’s too late.

It’s fair to say parts of the film and of the plot itself are predictable (again, I refer you to the title); the romance between the pair was inevitable as well. What couldn’t be predicted however was the brilliance of the humour involved in what should be a serious film.

The realism of people’s behaviour at the end of the world was not only hilarious but also striking. Well, I say realism; obviously I wouldn’t know how people would actually behave but there were aspects that I hadn’t considered before when imagining that scenario, like people still going to work.

The behaviour of the two main characters themselves is part of what makes them likeable. The focus on their flaws too makes them all the more endearing, such as Penny’s admission that she missed the last flight to see her family because she’s always running late. That’s something I can definitely relate to and something you wouldn’t normally expect in a movie; it’s human rather than Hollywood.

Steve Carell was surprisingly great in his role as Dodge, pulling off a serious character brilliantly and proving that he is not simply a comedic actor.

Martin Sheen was also brilliant as Dodge’s father but that’s no surprise as the man is amazing.

Keira Knightley (Penny)…well…I have issues with her. Personally, I think she’s a terrible actress. It’s a shame because I was watching carefully in this film and was trying to work out what she was doing wrong and I can’t figure it out. Technically, she’s doing everything right, she just comes across as so wooden! Ah well, perhaps that’s just me. On the plus side it was one of her better films but I just struggle to really enjoy her performances.

Regardless of some of the acting, the storyline is enjoyable from start from to finish and though for the most part it is predictable like I said, there are some pleasant surprises along the way.

What’s really worth expressing is how beautiful the film is. It is touching, thought provoking, will make you laugh and probably cry. In my opinion the best films do so I hold this one in quite high esteem.

If you like the premise as much as I did, or even just a little, give the film a watch. It exceeded my expectations so hopefully it will exceed yours too.