It was 2006 when Justin Timberlake last blew us away with his wondrous musical talent with the album “Future Sex/Love Sounds.” Now in 2013 he returns with yet again another stunning album that is “20/20 Experience.”

It was very sudden with a surprise teaser video showing Timberlake appearing in a music studio prepping some music back in January and nobody quite knew what was going on at the time. Justin Timberlake is a sly character always giving the fans a new surprise which still work to this day considering an interview he did last year in which he stated he has little interest in returning to music any time soon yet suddenly an under wraps album was announced only a few months later.

Lets get on with the brilliant album “20/20 Experience” and don’t worry I’ll be using the word ‘brilliant’ numerous times in this review because, well, it really is! To start off it has a few different styles which all seem to blend in to one another really creating a nice piece which flows from start to end. You just smoothly transition from one song to the next which as usual works wonderfully. You can guarantee he has nothing to flash off in this album as he steps you inside his music and walks you through at a comfortable pace. Theres no fast paced singing or beats hitting the floor just the soothing voice of JT.

Almost every song is hitting the 7/8 minute mark making these songs more than just a quick track he’s pushed out but instead something he’s really thought about. It soothes you through from the end to the song to a form of interlude during the final 2/3 minutes of these tracks as well as if its a final thoughts piece and allows you to really take in what you’ve just listened to.

Opening up with one of my favourites already ‘Pusher Love Girl’ brings a nice ‘Justified’ feel to the album not that he’s just copying old material but more of a throw back to what was when. ‘Suits & Tie’ was the first single which echoes horns with the rhythm of JT’s singing. ‘Spaceship Coupe’ is a climb into JT’s imagination as you explore the space world he’s envisioning which mixes with the lyrics so well and gives a nice visual piece. ‘That Girl’ takes a bit of a flip with a band playing horns and trumpets to give that old school effect. In fact the mix of the album has that essence of old school with Justin Timberlake’s voice echoing from song to song in such a way it draws you in more and more.

‘Mirrors’ is another superb song which uses JT’s old beatboxing technique as a base for the beat which works perfectly really giving the ‘Justified’ album vibe but with an older and wiser JT. From the album and the songs you can clearly see this is a more grown up Timberlake as he sings out in the similar form with lyrics still about woman and love but in a less upbeat way as he did with “Future Sex/Love Sounds.” It ushers in something new while still retaining some of the old with everything flowing and working together in sync. Some songs do seem flawed and as if you can easily pass them off as not all that much. These just didn’t bring you in like everything else but it still flowed with such ease that you could easily forget them which is such a pity for a JT album but the rest really makes it shine.

The albums got charm and the essence of JT’s usual stuff is there. There just a little bit missing somewhere because sometimes things feel a little like a repeat. In the end though it’ll always be well worth a listen and is still a brilliant album!