Tarantino continues his revenge on history with his latest movie, Django Unchained. For fans of the man in question, this has been a very exciting time.

My lateness in writing this review is not because I’ve only just seen the film, because that would be ludicrous. I’ve been excited for months.

When I heard the premise for this film, heard who was going to be in it, and heard it was Tarantino’s latest creation, I was in. Although, quite frankly, they had me at Tarantino. Seriously, all the man has to do for a trailer is put ‘I’ve done a new film’ and I’d go to see it and I bet I’m not the only one.

Tarantino is a god amongst men. The influence he has had during such a short career is phenomenal and if I could ever make a film half as good as one of his, I’d die a happy woman.

Okay, I’m a little dramatic, but I mean it. This is Tarantino. The one and only. The man is a genius, plain and simple.

Right, enough. Chances are if you’ve seen or are planning to see the film, you’re already a Tarantino fan, in which case my incessant rambling is wasted on you.

On to the film in question! For those who don’t know, Django Unchained is set in America, 1858, three years before the Civil War. It follows an ex-slave, Django (Jamie Foxx) turned bounty hunter in his quest to track down his wife, Broomhilda (Kerry Washington). With the help of Dr. King Schultz (Christoph Waltz) he must save her from the clutches of a brutal and very powerful plantation owner, Calvin Candie (Leonardo DiCaprio).

Fantastic premise. Much like with Inglourious Basterds, Tarantino has chosen a period in history in which we all wish things had gone a lot differently, and in which seeing one character fight back brings a satisfaction that only vengeance can. Hey, we’re only human.

I find it remarkable that people have complained about the derogatory language used within the film. Err… Folks, it’s a film about slavery! Of course there’s going to be derogatory language. It’s horrible yes, but that’s what happened. If anything, ignoring it would be more offensive.

The acting is absolutely sensational. I do not have a bad word to say. Waltz especially mesmerized me, he is such a good actor. I cannot believe it took so long for him to be discovered.

Foxx too delivers an outstanding and heartbreaking performance, as did Kerry Washington. Samuel L. Jackson almost stole the show in his role as one of the most terrifying, yet somehow amusing characters I’ve ever seen. Massive kudos to all of them.

Special praise however, must be reserved for DiCaprio. Now, I’ve been a fan of this man for most of my life, being a pretty hardcore ‘Titanic’ fan. However, his performance in this blew everything else he’s ever done completely out of the water!

If you haven’t already heard the story, there’s a scene in the film where DiCaprio’s character smashes a glass and cuts his hand. Here’s the interesting part though, DiCaprio didn’t mean to smash the glass nor of course, cut his hand. He did though, and instead of stopping, he went with it, carried on acting, and did not, break character, once. He needed stitches afterwards. Yet, it was quite possibly his best scene. Now that, ladies and gentlemen, is what I call acting. Give the man an Oscar for goodness sake!

Speaking of scenes to look out for, as bad as this may sound without context, the KKK scene is one of the best things I’ve ever watched! It is truly inspired. You’ll understand what I mean once you see it.

Also be sure you spot Tarantino himself in his typical cameo role. This one’s a good’un!

The music as expected, is amazing and hilarious and quintessentially Tarantino. I particularly enjoyed the theme song at the beginning, which has been stuck, in my head for quite some time now.

Another classic Tarantino element that deserves a mention is of course his trademark, his editing. It is, as usual superb and most inspiring.

One thing that may be worth mentioning for the more queasy out there is that the film is very violent, but no more so than Tarantino’s other films, and quite frankly, if you don’t like blood, you’ve picked the wrong director’s film to watch!

‘Django Unchained’ is an outstanding movie, which combines all the best Tarantino elements with the best aspects of a classic Western.

The film is a definite must see! Even if you’re not familiar with Tarantino’s work, watch it anyway; you’ll enjoy it. Just go with the quirks.

I’ve heard a few people say the film is basically the slavery version of ‘Inglourious Basterds’, and well, they’re not wrong. That doesn’t mean it isn’t awesome as hell though!