In the modern-day digital age, we have all become attached to our smartphones almost as if they were an extension of ourselves. In 2019, the number of smartphone users in the United Kingdom rose to a whopping 55.5 million, a staggering 82.9% of the population.

It’s no surprise that freshers may be after the best mobile deal possible, providing them with plenty of call minutes, texts, and internet data to keep their ever-evolving social life going and in good touch with family and friends ‘back home’. After all, the vast majority of freshers starting at universities across the UK in 2021 will be true Gen Z digital nomads who have grown up with the internet and smartphones. For the current generation, a smartphone is a necessity that you should never be parted with if you ever want to avoid feeling as if you’ve been plunged deep into social Siberia.

Here we have come up with some reasons SIM only deals are so convenient and useful for life in 2021, considering how much we all use phones.


Flexibility: A SIM Only Deal Gives You the Freedom to Choose Whichever Headset You Want

A SIM-Only deal is different from a traditional mobile phone contract deal because the handset itself does not come included in the deal and you must pay upfront separately to cover the cost of the handset. One benefit of a SIM-Only deal is that it gives you the freedom to decide to purchase whichever brand or model of mobile phone you want. Do you swear by only using Apple iPhones? Or do you prefer Samsung and are convinced that their phones offer more durable screens that don’t break as easily? To have a look at a range of affordable SIM-only mobile phone deals, check out Accept Phones.

The Monthly Allowances Included in SIM-Only Deals are Perfect for Sociable Freshers 

Do you need as many minutes, texts, and data throughout the month as possible? Many SIM-only deals have the benefit of providing you with an abundance of allowances. Having lots of allowances available to you in your SIM-only deal will make it ideal for keeping up with your busy social life and all the daily interactions on your smartphone.

With a SIM-Only Deal There’s No Need to Worry Endlessly About Your Phone’s Credit and Topping Up

One benefit of a sim-only deal is that they are relaxing and easy to deal with. Many people in the early 2000s went for pay-as-you deals, as opposed to paying monthly for SIM-only or mobile contracts with headsets included like most people tend to do nowadays.  Pay-as-you-go can be quite stressful as those using it constantly need to keep an eye on their phone’s credit and pay for a top-up whenever it runs out. Imagine just how frustrating it could be if you are on a night out and you suddenly have to suddenly get your card out to ring a number and top up your phone to be able to use it for the rest of the night? Stick with a SIM-only deal.

So have a good look around to find the best SIM-only deal that meets all your needs as a fresher in 2021, and enjoy your time making priceless memories at university.