Whether it’s taking selfies at the gym or Snapchatting our mates before our ‘morning run’, some, if not most of us are a little prone to grabbing our phones, tablets and laptops to let the whole world know we are about to go for “the most extreme and intense workout of my life!”

(Basically, a 2 minute walk down the road and a quick jog until you see a main road. Or people!)

Now don’t get me wrong, I know a few people who: wake up early in the morning, eat rice or pasta for breakfast and head out for training at precisely 6:25am. If this is you, you are a fitness freak!

But, to those of you (sadly like myself) who: leave the house at 1:30pm, pop on the matching running gear, Ray Bans and comeback after 15 minutes. You (and I) really aren’t fooling anybody, we are fitness fakes!

Having admitted being guilty of the thing known as posing, my realisation to stop came when my fitness levels were truly challenged. To compete against my friends in a ‘Fitness Challenge of the Greats’ was never a good idea.

It doesn’t even sound like a good idea! So things had to get serious…

…Ok, so things didn’t initially get serious. My Blast Off Belly Fat DVD took 2 weeks to come and admittedly, it was around the same time Mcvities Jaffa Cakes were on a buy-one-get-one-free offer. However, my motivation to stop posing soon began to change.

Having completed all the sit-ups, military squats, abs curls and light-medium weights I could master, I no longer felt the desire to take a selfie as sweat dripped off my neck and onto my once clean yoga mat.

That is the thing about fitness, when you’re serious, you see results. My past of pose fitness got me nothing more than a bad back and a few decent pictures.

Had I stopped posing a long time ago, I would be the ultimate fitness freak and not just somebody trying to catch up.