‘Alcohol just gives me a bad head..Mushrooms gave me love and understanding..Bad head? Love and understanding? Bad head? Love and understanding? It’s a hard choice..But most people choose the bad head…that’s why everyone’s so fucking angry and miserable. That’s what’s wrong with the world.. They tell me love is a drug..and if there is any drug I want to be addicted to it’s that one. But love like any drug that expands your consciousness the government illegalises it..Haha Love is NOT allowed!’

Psychedelic drugs do not take you away from reality they take you to reality. Where the blind see for the first time whitened with God’s eyes, all colours of the sea. To quote William Blake..“If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, Infinite. For man has closed himself up, till he sees all things thro’ narrow chinks of his cavern.”

Off into the blue dream and highest sun.

The visions, spiritual and intellectual are precious and delve into the realms of experience and knowledge.

The first time I did Magic Mushrooms I took them in the wood near where I live and I looked at the trees and realized how alive they all are and I was tuned into their frequency and how I was detached for my reality which I had the sense was not real at all in the grand scheme of the Universe and my awareness was freed in limitless light and my state of being was light and the illusion of body was but a puff of smoke.

And I wondered around the wood in a daze and flowers were angels and the buzz of a bee was beautiful and marvelous to my ears.

You the arahant one..Whose heart is free; I have found in you the impermanent and malleable nature of reality. There is no death only the passion of life as it blossoms as it thinks itself into the transience of time.

Death leads to the boundless sea, the stars in the sky, the night on fire and the dazzled light. And in that sun kissed green paradise I realised I am the perfect and holy love of God and I am mind and spirit and my existence is an eternal creation forever lasting and ever reaching the soothing forgiveness of the singing heart.

Death lies sleeping never to be heard and the dying as they walk arm in arm crowned with the fruit of flowing skin. The nature is very little understood and the smallest avenues and elements of human feeling.

A dream of love?

I have made the connection with lawless thought, standing among the long dreams of summer fruit and winter wine I am fresh from that that awaits me..the present and the divine. My imagination is of the scent of the remembered over the evening sky. The waking mind in all its glory. The stars hanging from my memory and my mind reflects buried in the summer night.

I have been dreaming! Tricked into madness! Laugh at the idiot! The art of day and night left with me with my spirit

in delight!

O uttering the egoism with a croak! And mankind is the heavy tremble. Even with the sigh of joy the rays of sunlight are seeking the key to that marvelous song of experience. The leaves dressed in white…The pleasure in a silent leap.

My heart throbs! O love! The pity! The innocence of my sensitive heart..You have chosen your brothers..the angel rises and dies of devotion!