The 2.0 update from Sony boasts a revolutionary feature among some long awaited, requested features.

Includes Share Play, USB Music Player, Backgrounds and more.

Share Play is an exciting new addition first announced during the PS4 reveal. It allows you to bring in and watch your friend play your game, regardless of whether they own it or not. It also lets you virtually pass the controller. So if you’re stuck on a particularly hard level or boss fight, your friend can take over the controls online and help you through it.

  • Share Screen – Share your screen with a friend, allowing them to spectate. This is ideal for PS4 owners that want to watch their friends play a game and provide helpful tips. PlayStation Plus is not required to use this.
  • Hand over my controller – Pass your controller to a friend, virtually, and watch them play. Your friend does not need to own, or even download the game, in order to use this feature. This is perfect for introducing your friends to new games. The host will need to be a PlayStation Plus member, but the guest does not.
  • Hand over another controller – If a game supports local multiplayer, you can have your friend join as player two. Again, the visitor does not need to own, or download the game in order to use this feature. Both players will need PlayStation Plus to use this feature.


A USB Music Player is also a feature. It must be music from a USB drive though and the music can’t be ripped to the PS4’s harddrive. It is a little underwhelming but at least it’s something after waiting patiently for a music player for so long.

  • USB Music Player: PS4 owners will be able to play their own music in the background while playing a game using USB Music Player*. After inserting a USB stick loaded with music into the system, a new option for USB Music Player will appear. Supported filename extensions include MP3, MP4, M4A, and 3GP.


The option to change the background menu from the default blue colour is now made available.

  • Change colours: PS4 owners can change the background of the home screen from light blue to one of seven new colors: gold, blue, red, green, purple, pink, and grey.


A more complete list of changes can be viewed here.