To start off with, really, how have you not seen this show already? Is it perhaps you don’t have Netflix? Or maybe you just haven’t had the time? Well after this, trust me, you’ll make the time!

Orange Is The New Black is a relatively new show only having aired last year and just recently releasing the second season. It’s an odd one at that because it technically hasn’t actually aired. No rather it’s one of the first new ways of TV creation through the use of on demand service Netflix and boy has it been taken on well. Let’s just dive into that idea of on demand to start with. On demand a service offered by many now is the new platform for TV giving shows to audiences when they want and where they want. So you have boxset of your favourite TV shows just sitting at your finger tips now.

So Netflix created Orange Is The New Black as part of their exclusive dive into the world of TV but in an interesting manner as the show is only available through their platform. Risky, yes but God had it worked out for them because the show has been a huge hit!

Now the show itself. What makes it a hit I bet your wondering. The basic outline of the show revolves around the character Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling) who has been sentenced to a woman’s prison for drug smuggling which was through a past female lover of hers. This is a new setting for Piper (yet called Chapman in prison as it’s always a second name basis in there) as she comes from a middle class background and must find her feet amoung the woman in the prison.

Your probably thinking it doesn’t sound all that interesting. Little rich kid having to struggle to survive in the big bad prison. There’s a heck of a lot more to the story and the story sort of shifts away from Chapman a little later on as we get a full scope of the prison and what’s going on behind closed doors.

The show becomes more about the inmates than anything else as we get to know each and everyone along with a Lost style theme where we see a flashback of their past in each episode which differs from an important point in their life to the reason they are in prison. Yet through this you start to see that they aren’t bad people. Each and everyone was somewhat like Chapman, lost and alone and prison has sort of broken them out of their she’ll and made them defensive.

It is the characters which make the show a laugh out loud hilarious antics Fest as we stream through the little groups that come together or should I say ‘families’ as they all have their little characteristics which shine through the show. It is the characters which make the show such as Red (Kate Mulgrew) who plays the frightening at first kitchen runner and there’s Nicky Nichols (Natasha Lyonne) who will for a fact make you burst into tears of laughter in each and every episode along with charming Morello (Yael Stone) and don’t forget Crazy Eyes (Uzo Aduba) which the name says it all.

I could go on and on about the characters because for me it’s what represents this show best. It’s a comedy but has a lot of drama elements throughout often getting into dark territory now and again. Trust me you won’t put this down after one episode and will probably be through season one in a matter of days.