If you find yourself in agreement that you drain a good part of your Ipod battery by solely skipping song after song, why not create the following playlists to cover an array of occasions, moods and tasks. If music is part of your everyday routine, whether it be when you workout or commute, cramming in loads of tunes and hitting shuffle just won’t cut it. Scan these 7 ideas for improving and expanding your music playlists.


The get psyched mix

If you have something daunting or perhaps exciting lined up, summon this playlist. Essentials include Billy Idol ‘Dancing with Myself’, Metallica ‘Enter Sandman’, House of Pain ‘Jump Around’, Wale ft Lady Gaga ‘Chillin’, Two Door Cinema Club ‘What You Know’, Florence and the Machiene ‘Dogs Days are Over’, Foster the People ‘Pumped up Kicks’, Frank Sinatra ‘New York New York’, Queen ‘We Will Rock You’ and Bombay Bicycle Club ‘Shuffle’. These melodies will no doubt get you in the zone and that overwhelming exam or big presentation will turn out to be a breeze.


The impressive taste mix

Perfect for times when a crowd of people may be listening to your music or you are in the company of a so called music snob. Hit play on the likes of MGMT ‘Electric Feels’, Tame Impala ‘Mind Mischief’, Blondie ‘Union City Blue’, The Libertines ‘Can’t Stand Me Now’, Goldfrapp’s Felt Mountain album, Art of Noise ‘Moment in Love’, Moby ‘Porcelain’, anything Pink Floyd/Joy Division/ The Stone Roses or your much-loved music.


The on the road mix

Everyone must have a playlist for those long road trips. Pick out your favourites that you know all the words to and make sure you take advantage of this; sing like you have the vocal range of Beyonce. Being on the road for sometime, whether for a trip or simply the long commute to work, can be straight out boring without the help of radio. Will Smith ‘Switch’ The 1975 ‘Sex’, Kings of Leon ‘Use Somebody’, Arctic Monkeys ‘Knee Socks’, Blackstreet ‘No Diggity’, Drake ‘Hold on we’re going Home’, R.Kelly ‘Ignition Remix’, Broods ‘Bridges’, Outkast ‘Hey Ya’ and The Killers ‘Mr Brightside’ are a select few of my favourites.


The soft mix

Every once in a while I simply want to listen to some tranquil music, such as when I’m trying to focus on completing an assignment or wading through revision.Songs such as Palma Violets ‘All the Garden Birds’, the Pussycat Dolls ‘Stickwitu’, Phil Collins ‘Another Day in Paradise’ or Lana Del Ray are relaxing to me.


The work out/motivational mix

Of course, everyone needs some upbeat songs to run to and fiddling with your Ipod every minute will defiantly interfere with your work out. Create a playlist that will have you in the zone for your next meeting at the gym, put on shuffle and you’re ready to sweat. My personal recommendations include; Usher ‘Yeah x3’, The Temper Trap ‘Sweet Disposition’, The Verve ‘Bittersweet Symphony’, Cage the Elephant ‘Take it or Leave it’, Le Youth ‘Cool’, Asaf Avidan ‘One Day we’ll be Old’, Rick Astley ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’, Salt n Pepa ‘Push It’, Kanye West ‘Black Skinhead’, Beyonce and JayZ ‘ Crazy in Love’, Nirvana ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ and Michael Jackson ‘Don’t Stop Till you Get Enough’.


The heartbroken/sad mix

Maybe you’re love life is looking down, you’re in a bad place or just having a dire day. So what could be more appropriate than some depressed music? Throw on The Beatles ‘Yesterday’, R.EM ‘Everybody Hurts’, Gary Jules ‘Mad World’ Sinead O’Connor ‘Nothing Compares to You’, Placebo ‘Running up that Hill, The Goo Goo Dolls ‘Iris’, Celine Dion ‘My Heart Will Go On, The Cars ‘Drive’, New Order ‘Get Out’, The Smiths ‘Asleep’ or in fact anything by the Smiths, to name a few.


The nostalgic mix

Classics, childhood jams and songs you attach memories to all fit this category, so gather all your personal favourites and feel nostalgia flow through your veins.

You can’t help but rocking out to those old songs from your youth, making this a great playlist for those moments when you just feel like shouting the words to ‘Wannabe’ The Spice Girls, ‘Bills, Bills, Bills’ Destiny’s Child or Anastasia ‘Left outside Alone’. Don’t feel guilty; everyone has those songs that make them think of their first concert. My iPod embraces Blue, Oasis and The Atomic Kittens.