I posted a while ago about how I was dreading writing my dissertation and the inevitable soul destroying, time consuming and down right tedious feelings that come with it. We saw a lot of how not to do it, for example anyone that is about to start  their dissertation, look for the 48 hour dissertation video on YouTube, it was a great help to me. When you are looking from the outside in there seems to be a lot of exaggeration about what the so called “experience” is like… I can tell you now they are all true!

I was lucky and in some ways unlucky to be going through mine at the same time as my friends, so those long nights in the library were not so lonely. I say unlucky because there are certain amounts of competitiveness when it comes to page numbers and word counts at 3am when you are all working on it together. There is also the inevitable hatred of the person who finishes first, but again at least you have comrades to mentally plot against them with. The routine we got ourselves into for completing it was hard to get into, but equally harder to get out of. We would get to the library at 10am then leave at 3am, get a few hours sleep and then repeat. Which was very taxing and cost a lot of money in energy drinks and coffee. This is what you will learn to live off of for the final stretch up to the deadline.

But now it’s all over, the sleepless nights (almost), the stress and the pressure are all off, I can now sit back, relax and… oh wait still got to finish my degree and have my job applications slowly rejected one by one…

If anyone needs me I will be planning my future as an alpaca farmer in Ecuador, I could use a simpler life after this!