As if America needed more gun deaths. Yet another of the citizens of the great nation we call the United States of America has lost their life to a gun crime. Although not the gun crime we have had to grow used to seeing. This was an undercover gun buy, not an attack, not a drive-by, not a disturbed person on a rampage. No, this was a police officer who killed an unarmed, and uninvolved civilian.

The police officer was shooting at a fleeing suspect during the undercover operation, the deal went very wrong and it has killed a 61-year-old bystander in the New York City suburb of Mount Vernon, police said on Saturday.

Two suspects have been taken into custody during the investigation into the sale of illegal guns in the Big Apple, the New York Police Department said in a statement. The undercover officer in the Bronx met with one of the suspects on Friday, who said he had guns for sale and directed the officer to drive to Mount Vernon. A second suspect got into the back seat of the officer’s undercover car, pointed a gun at his head and demanded money, the New York Police Department have said.

After the officer handed over the cash, the suspect attempted to flee and the officer tried to prevent the suspect from escaping him. When the suspect pointed his gun, the officer fired several times at the suspect, striking him three times in the torso, police said. The police officer in this case as far as I can see did everything right and yet there has been collateral damage yet again.

A man standing behind the suspect was also hit in the torso. The bystander, identified as Felix Kumi, 61, of Mount Vernon, died early Saturday morning at Jacobi Hospital.

One suspect, identified as Jeffrey Aristy, 28, of the Bronx, was arrested on gun and drug sale charges. The second suspect, identified only as a 37-year-old male, was also taken to Jacobi Hospital and also has charges pending.

This case had everything done right, or at least it appears that way. The officer didn’t have a choice but to fire at the suspect after he was threatened with a gun and yet another unsuspecting citizen has been killed by a gun that needn’t have to have been fired. There is entirely too many men and women being killed in America by guns wielded both by criminals and the police and yet the possibility of this meaning a change in the laws are slim. The gun laws in America seem to be impossible to change but are these laws worth the lives of its citizens every single day?