We have Domino’s, Pizza Hut, Papa John’s and many more pizza places to choose from.

So why does pizza always taste better abroad than at home?

Whether you are visiting Italy, France, Spain or another country abroad, you are sure to notice the quality of pizza.

I mean, have you really noticed the difference?

The taste of fresh homemade dough, tomato sauce (not puree) and delicious, locally sourced produce! The very reason why you and the locals always leave the pizzeria very happy customers when abroad. In comparison to a quick order online, 5 minutes in a flash oven and a soggy pizza box left at the end (nice) when ordering at home.

Having recently returned from a holiday in France, my refusal to eat pizza at home automatically changed once I was abroad.

Et finalement, the spell was broken. With pizza on the menu such as Bolognaise*, Norvegienne*, Jambon* and Calzone*, there was no wonder why, at home, the local Domino’s Texas BBQ and American Hot just was not doing it for me.

The soon cold, cardboard like texture of poor quality and tasteless pizza bases at home were never going to be anything to look forward to! And the lack of fresh ingredients was enough to put anyone off.

The supposed ‘freshly made today’ pizzas at home almost seem a blatant lie.

That is right, as you tuck into your Margarita, Meat feast and Chicken Supreme, that taste in your mouth is fat and gluten! (Unless you picked a gluten free base!). That is the lie behind pizza at home, it may be made but the ingredients are far from fresh!

The amount of fat and sugar held within those pizzas, which ingredients are not locally sourced (might I add), are unacceptable.

So, the next time you settle down for a pizza night dinner, why not make it like the Italian’s do?  Quick and easy pizza to make and enjoy yourself!

Take it from me; you really don’t need the pizza vouchers on the back of your door once you start making your own!


Pizza Glossary 

Bolognaise – Tomato sauce, ground beef and cheese

Calzone – Tomato sauce, ham, mushroom, egg and cheese

Jambon – Tomato sauce, ham and cheese

Norvegienne – Tomato sauce, cheese and smoked salmon