Call me naïve, but sometimes I can’t help but feel I was born into the wrong generation. My heart aches to have been a teenager in the sixties, where the music scene was bustling with bright, new and exciting people.

Personally, I believe the current music scene lacks something drastic – I find it dull, uninteresting and uninspiring. Cosequently, I am heavily reliant on a music collection derived from the past. It’s not just the dominance of ‘dance’ music and ‘dubstep’ (which I feel kills brain cells with every pulse of heavy bass), it’s the undeserving labelling of various music as ‘rock’ or ‘indie’ – what were once commendable labels, now appear to be awarded to anyone who is able to strum a few chords on the acoustic guitar and sing to a mediocre level.

Originality seems to have died somewhere in the last century, along with its good friends ‘creativity’ and ‘individuality.’ The current music industry appears to be suffering a relentless famine, and the starvation for some is becoming unbearable. Of course, this is a general (and needless to say, subjective) observation, there are definitely some great musicians out there who are trying harder than anyone to make a name for themselves, and are desperately attempting to break through a towering wall of supposedly worthy bands and artists – they’re just not getting the recognition they deserve, because there’s so much overrated stuff infecting our radio stations and brainwashing the masses.

It seems impossible to think that anyone as talented as the likes of Bob Dylan, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Jimi Hendrix will ever arrive onto the scene again, but simultaneously it seems equally impossible, that in a world that accomodates for over seven billion inhabitants, there is no one out there who possesses talent of a similar standard.

Of course, music changes, as does film, technology, fashion and literature – we can’t expect the same sound in 2014 as what would have been playing in the clubs and bars in the sixties, or the seventies, the eighties or the nineties. It’s not that I am dismissive of a new sound, it just seems that ‘popular’ music is deteriorating rather than evolving  – and the bands that deserve the attention aren’t getting it. Although, perhaps that is because many people do actually desire the sound of the 21st century –  maybe I, and hopefully a few others, are just living in the past. If this is the case, I won’t be succumbing any time soon – I best start building my time machine and head back to where my heart is.