Paramore 2013
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The rock community has had a big shock recently, with the fall of My Chemical Romance and the return of Fall Out Boy. But, selfishly, my main focus was on the new Paramore! Being my favourite band since 2009 their new album was eagerly awaited.

With the loss of Zac and Josh Farro back in 2010 the band seemed to grind to a halt and it looked as if it could well be the end. However, mid 2011 and they came back briefly with the release of ‘Monster’ for the Transformers film. Since then not much had happened, until now. 2013 has seen the new Paramore, a trio with a new sound. The main songs that catch attention on the albums as usual are the singles. ‘Now’, released 23rd January, really showed the world a new sound, it really is one of the band’s greatest beats as it’s extremely catchy.

‘Still Into You’ was released much later, with a more emotional and soppy vibe, the exquisite tune and different new sound really makes it stand out and is one of my personal favourites from this album. As a long time fan, I have to admit, it has taken a good few listens of this album, start to finish, for it to grow on me. At first I was disappointed but I was scared to judge too early, and was correct not to, as right now I have ‘Grow Up’ stuck in my head. Therefore, they must be doing something right.

Overall this album is new and has a completely new vibe so therefore, fan or not, you should definitely check it out. You never know how you may feel, definitely do not rule it out. It is a grower!