One Direction are a band that have gained worldwide recognition and fans of all ages ever since they shot to fame on the hit reality competition show The X Factor, placing third in 2010. Since then they’ve released hit singles that have melted the hearts of fans across the globe, such as “Story of my life” and of course “What makes you beautiful” to name a couple.

Like all famous bands, they’ve been in the headlines for a number of reasons, both good and bad; but more recently, these reasons have included the news that Zayn Malik was leaving the band, causing a massive backlash from fans; who took to social network to complain about this outrage, some even requested “compassionate leave” from their workplaces and schools. Others unfortunately went one worse, by self harming in a bid to force their idol to bow to the pressure and return to the band.

Since then, fans of the band have been rocked by an even worse newsflash that the band have decided to split (temporarily they believe) for at least a year from March 2016 in order to work on other projects, causing once again fans to take “action”.

Whilst some fans have given the band their full support, understanding that it is their right to choose what it is they want to do, others have unfortunately forgotten that they are people too. What troubles me is that people are self harming in a bid for their beloved singer to come back to them, whilst they clearly have no opinion on things that really affect the world, such as the migrant crisis, or problems that affect our own country.

Celebrities are people too; it’s important no matter what job you are in, high paid or otherwise that people should have the freedom to choose what it is they want to do in life.  In the case of Zayn’s decision to leave, he felt that his dedication to the band was having a detrimental effect on his relationship with his then girlfriend Perrie; so he sensibly decided to leave in order to focus on what matters to him personally.

Fans need to really reevaluate what is important to them; that it makes no sense to physically try and blackmail someone into returning to a situation that is not helping them. Then again, the band may also have some part to blame in the fact that they never really led their fans to a positive influence. That being said; fans also have free will; my conclusion being that no matter what you may feel about a celebrity; their decisions should be respected; just as any human being’s decision should.