It isn’t long after maintenance loan goes into a student’s account that the magnetic strip on the bankcard is thin and wavering.

In fact in recent reports many students are finding their loan doesn’t sufficiently cover their living costs & with 8 out of 10 students claiming they are constantly worrying about money, it isn’t a surprise that this is having a knock on affect on where students decide to live.

Traditionally students going into second year move out of halls & into privately rented accommodation with friends.

However, this trend appears to be changing.  In an article in ‘Impact,’ Nottingham’s official student newspaper, 19 out of 28 students said they had chosen to live in halls in second year rather than move into a student house.  This was due to the attraction of having everything taken care of with bills included in the rent.

The number of students opting to study at local universities & live at home is also on the increase.  Last year 19% of students chose to live at home rather than move into halls due to the rising cost of living.

A lot of worries around money are due to uncertainty & a feeling of lack of control.  Living with others can be unappealing to some.  There are the doubts around how much bills will come to, if everyone will pay their share & if not, will they be liable for them if they miss a payment.

This is where companies like easybills come in. They help you manage and organise your bills, combining all the household bills into one bundle, allowing you and your housemates to pay just one monthly fee for everything, just like rent.

Although it’s very appealing having a piece of technology to take responsibility for your bills, maintaining an element of control over what your paying is important, particularly when you’re living on a budget.

These bill management companies seem to be onto a good idea, easybills in particular has hit the nail on the head allowing tenants to monitor costs, track their usage, view payment breakdowns & upload their meter readings. Their 7% management fee actually seems good value when you consider how useful the features really are, not to mention having all your past and present bills organised and at your fingertips. Does this mean the end for paper filing cabinets, as we know them?

The questions is; as university fees rise, will these bill management companies find favour with those looking to keep a sharp eye on their finances or will universities be forced to invest in sprawling on campus accommodation developments to give students the all inclusive option they’re looking for. Given the recent rise in fees, I’d like the think it the latter, however are new halls where I want my money being spent…?

To find out more about easybills & how they can help you, visit the website & get your free quote today.