Liam Neeson returns as air marshal Bill Marks in yet another action flick. A transatlantic flight goes pair-shaped when a series of text messages sent to Bill’s phone put all the passengers in danger. The mysterious texter demands 150 million dollars or a passenger is to be killed every 20 minutes. Neeson’s character tries to conceal what is happening to the rest of the passengers and keep everyone calm whilst trying to find a way to stop anybody getting hurt. This projects on screen frustration in the air marshal’s job just trying to protect people who aren’t making it any easier for him.

The film is set almost entirely on the inside of the plane. Apart from the introduction in the airport and outside shots of the aircraft. In ways the film is quite similar to other films in the genre such as Flightplan starring Jodie Foster.

Neeson plays yet another similar character to previous roles seen in Taken and The Grey. Obviously because he plays them very well and manages to portray a character with great authority and decision making.

His on screen presence commanded by his large frame and gruff voice still work wonders and it isn’t long before you settle back in for another Neeson thrill ride.

A number of events continue to spiral throughout the flight keeping us engaged and forever guessing who is threatening the air marshal and his passengers. The film essentially turns into a murder mystery set aboard a passenger plane and we are constantly thrown around trying to work out who is tormenting the nervous air marshal.

Julianne Moore’s character for example is a strong suspect in the ongoing case and we never know who to fully trust as twists and turns reveal new conclusions.

All actors have acted well whether it’s to show a sense of anger, confusion or fear.

I must admit though, one scene in particular felt a little too far fetched and I found myself tutting at the ludicrous action. But it’s all good fun and more recent Neeson films are almost always over the top but it managed to keep me watching regardless.

Neeson is definitely showing his age. The same goes for Julianne Moore but it never detaches us from their characters. It may just be the HD version that shows their wrinkles more but I’ll let you be the judge.

The film lasts for quite a considerable amount of time, especially since it’s set primarily in one enclosed space so you never feel like it is a cheap cash-grabber.

The film visually is quite the palette of blue which adds to the sense of cold danger but isn’t overwhelming. I very much enjoyed my time with Non-Stop, although I’m not quite sure in quite matches up to Taken or The Grey as I seemed to enjoy them two more.

But yes, another action heavy film that happens to work very well in a confined space adding to Neesons growing action portfolio.

If you’re a fan of previous heavy action films, films starring Liam Neeson or just enjoy a good murder mystery film, then Non-Stop is most certainly the film for you.


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Review: Non-Stop
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