So where did you guys meet?
I was in a band with the bass player Nick. That old band ended, but we got a new drummer and started Ninja Baby.
How long have you been together?
As Ninja baby, just over a year. We put out our first album RED in Aug 12, so I guess that was the band officially formed. But we’ve been making music on and off together for about 3 years now.
Who are/were your musical inspirations?
I’m a big fan of Oasis, Stereophonics, Paul Weller, Guns N Roses, ACDC and The Fratellis…. So our stuff is kind of a mixture of all those bands, only with our own style, we hope! We’re not trying to be groundbreaking or reinvent the wheel just yet, that’s for album 4 or 5! Right now we’re just trying to get better as musicians and enjoy what we are playing.
How would you describe your sound to our readers?
Its gonna vary from record to record, that was always the idea. The first record is just plain Lad rock. Singalong choruses and songs about people, places and drinking. We don’t do ballads or love songs, we’ll leave that to the more sensitive types. We recorded and mixed everything ourselves after a 5 hour session in a studio. So its gonna sound pretty DIY but that was the intent.
The 2nd record is a bit heavier and the songs are more personal. But the production is massive in comparison. I produced it, but we also hired someone to mix because there is a lot going on and my studio couldn’t really do all the elements justice. It’s a rock ‘n’ roll album but it goes to space a few times too, lots of synths and overdubs.. The idea was to make it as huge as possible for the budget we had, with it costing about a grand all in, which is mind-blowing when you hear the results.
If you could describe Ninja Baby in 3 words, what would they be?
Just plain needed
What has been your favorite gig to date?
Our album launch was good. Cos it was the first time we’d played for longer than 45 mins. Plus people showed up and we got paid, which is always a bonus.
What is the greatest moment of your career so far?
Having songs from RED used on TV all over the world. FOX USA show ‘Being Liverpool’ used our songs Scarlett, Pink Cortina and Smash Back sally. I also wrote the theme music for the series. That was pretty cool. That and just our 2 albums. Just making 2 albums in 12 months, of that standard, with no real budget and whilst we all have other jobs everyday is  amassive achievement in itself.
How do you go about creating a new track?
Ill write a song, then ill play it in rehearsals and tell nick the chords. Then we’ll just jam it until it takes shape. John and Nick will pretty much play what they like and we’ll all just throw ideas in for the arrangements. Once we’re happy we’ll play it live and if we’re still buzzing off it we’ll record. Get the drums, bass and guitars done in a studio. We usually get this for for free if any students will have us in. then i’ll finish everything off at mine. Keeps costs down that way!
What does the future hold for Ninja Baby?
Just gigs anywhere that’ll have us on, a few videos in the pipeline and a 3rd album planned for next summer! We always like to be doing something.
Where can people find your music online?
Search Ninja baby on iTunes, or follow the links at If you want a CD sent, just tweet or Facebook us.

Anything else you want to tell our readers?
Just that if you like our stuff, tell your friends and get invloved. We don’t have a label or management and all that so we really rely on word of mouth and help from people.
Hope everyone enjoys the music!